Sunday 11 October 2009

How I've spent my Sunday

OK, so it all started with a discussion on the Irish Knitters board on Ravelry, here.
Someone mentioned making an Owls sweater, and we all just kind of decided to join in, as you do.
I must admit I think it would be great fun if we all assembled en masse in our Owly creations on the streets of Dublin. Imagine the looks we'd get? great fun.
I've always liked this sweater, so I said that I'd join in but not until I get back from holidays.
Yeah, that worked.
Now this sweater is meant to be knit in Bulky weight yarn, but, y'know bulky me + bulky yarn does not equal a flattering project in my opinion, so I was thinking about using something else.
namely, Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. I lurves this yarn. I know it's not an Owly colour, but hey. I like pink and what's wrong with bringing out the feminine side of owls?
Only problem was, it was already made into a cardigan that I didn't like, the Flutter Sleeve Cardigan(ugh):

Like I said, I wasn't even going to think about this until I came back from holidays.
So, today, after a bit of cleaning around (I'm so proud of myself for managing to do some cleaning!) I attacked the cardigan.
I must admit it was quite nice ripping that thing back to the yarn again. I hated that project, I think it was my biggest "pattern for me" disaster ever. Anyway, I ended up with a load of balls (stop it)

Yay! I thought. I'll just skein them , wash them and hang them to dry and my Owls sweater will be ready to start when I get back from holidays. I like the way I keep reiterating "after the holidays", as if I'm going to do that now? No chance.
Anyway, skeining isn't the easiest thing in the world to do, especially when you have to wind the balls into centre pull balls first as otherwise they hop all over my (uncleaned) kitchen floor.
So I wound them first, then skeined them. About an hour and a half later, I have this:

Lots of lovely washed skeins of yarn de-kinking on the line beside my lurvly hand made socks that I washed while I had the bowl of soak. Kill two birds? Oh yes. And it was one more job off the list. See how I made this into a house cleaning task? I know, I'm a domestic goddess. (snort)

So, once these dry I have to wind them again into centre pull balls and I'm all set for my Owls jumper. When I get back from holidays. Not before. No.
All I need to worry about now is getting gauge or redoing the pattern for lighter weight yarn, upsizing the pattern for me, and doing lots of maths I'm sure. So yeah. A piece of cake.
After my holidays. Not before.

Wednesday 7 October 2009

Swallowed by a black hole

I know, I know, I've been lacking in the blogging. I just don't know where the time has gone.
I think maybe I was swallowed by a black hole and was only spat out this evening.

It reminds me of the excuses I would give to teachers for not having my homework done: "But teacher, I DID do that 6 page essay on the merits of Othellos realtionship with Desdemona, and it was fabulous, but then my rabbit must have been hungry, because next thing? It was shredded on the floor."
I haven't been neglecting my knitting however, here you go, an FO:

Pattern: Baby Aran Cardigan from an ancient Wendy pattern
Yarn: Sirdar Bonus Aran
Needles: 3.75mm and 4.5mm KnitPicks Options
(I know the picture is crappy, but it's dark here people)
A grand and handy knit, it must be said. Just too much seaming for my liking. I do like the bobbles, though I'm unsure about them for a baby garment. I think the temptation for a baby to suck on them would be quite high? Still, the one thing my friend asked for was an aran for the impending arrival. I think this fits the bill.
I also think this is my baby knitting obligations fulfilled.
I love the buttons too, I got them last Saturday on sale in a store, I think €1.10 for 4? They suit it great I think.
It's a shame that I mis-calculated the button spacing and left too large a gap in the middle. Still, overall I'm pretty happy with it.
I've also made another one of the Petal bibs, in the yummy yellow Rowan cotton that Tara sent me, but I accidentally deleted it from the camera. DUH. I'll post a pic next time, I promise!
My next piece of knittyness is the Noro Striped Scarf:
I've been dying to make this for ages, and we're in the middle of a cold snap at the moment (3C this morning, scraping ice off the car windscreen ugh) so what better time?
I'm not using Noro, but King Cole Mirage (a budget friendly alternative).
I thought when I bought the balls that the colours would go very well together, but upon knitting I think it's a bit masculine and insipid. Maybe I can lie to hubby and pretend there's no wool in it and see if he'll wear it?
Still, it's mindless easy peasy knitting so I'm good with that for the moment.
Only 2 weeks until my Sunshine State excursion! I'm so excited you'd swear it was my first time. I think making the afghan has increased the excitement level by a few notches.(Plus the promise of some sunshine!)
I'm still torn about my airplane project, although I think I'm decided upon the yarn. I think I'm going to spoil myself on the plane and knit with one of my Wollmeise skeins. Which one and what pattern? God knows so far. Some work is required I think.
Speaking of work, I need to get my internet orders from KnitPicks and Webs sorted too. Methinks some KnitPicks City Tweed is called for, but apart from that? Who knows. Anyone have any yarn faves from these two retailers? And from any others, as I will be visiting 3 LYS while I'm there too!
Have a good week!