Sunday 30 September 2007

WIP Progress

I've been busy knitting away, but it doesn't look like much...

Premiere Pullover:

I'm almost finished shaping the armholes on the back. This is a slow knit as it hurts my knuckles for some strange reason. Must be the acrylic, I'm not sure. I have to do a bit, swop for another project and then go back to it.

Socks For Dad:

I'm really proud of myself, my first pair of socks on dpns! It's going great at the moment, I'm almost finished the heel flap on the first one. They'll be nice extra for Dad's Christmas present along with the cable sweater.

I splurged the other day and ordered some hand dyed merino sock yarn from Etsy:

It was only $24 including postage. That's great when you take into account the dollar/euro situation so I couldn't help myself. I should have it tomorrow or Tuesday so I'll post pics when it arrives! I'm thinking a pair of Monkey socks for the plane journey??

I have a HUGE list that I might type up and post here of all of the yarns I am looking at buying when I head over in 3 weeks!! It's rather large so I think I may have to sacrifice one or two!

Monday 24 September 2007

Socks For Alice FO

I've finished my Socks For Alice:

Yarn used: 1 x 50g Regia Cotton Surf Color, Needles, 2.5mm 100cm circular.

A great knit, I love doing socks. It was a real bargain too, as I got the ball of yarn for €1.95!

My next challenge (as well as making some progress on the Premiere Pullover) is to try a pair of socks using 4dpns. I have a tutorial I got here that I hope will help! I'm using the ball of blue Lana Grossa that I got for my Dad as his other Christmas present along with the Hand in Hand Cable Sweater I've already finished!

Friday 21 September 2007

Summertime Tunic FO

I've finished the Summertime Tunic:

I'm not all that happy with it really. Mostly it's because I don't think it suits me at all. It's not really a project for the "fuller" woman, plus the yarn is quite heavy. It's 100% cotton and I think it drags a bit. But, I'm glad I did it, and I might wear it around the pool on my holidays.

I'm turning the heel on my second sock for Alice and should hopefully have it finished over the weekend, although I do have to get down to it and get some more done on my Premiere Pullover for my friend's Christmas present. It's sitting here on the table looking at me sternly saying "Get on with me!"

Tuesday 18 September 2007

Flash Your Stash!

The Dublin Knit Collective is running a flash your stash competition for all of us hoarders to show off our stashes with pride! I love looking (lusting, drooling etc) over others stashes on Ravelry, so I think this is a great idea.

Here is my stash:

My Ravelry link to my stash:

Pics in Flickr (a slideshow):


Sunday 16 September 2007

Project Progress

I'm doing ok on the Summertime Tunic, about as ok as Ireland are in the Rugby World Cup! I started this as my Rugby World Cup KAL project. It's an easy knit, but I'm finding it a bit boring, all this stocking stitch.

It's not a great picture, but you get the idea.

I've also started another project - I'm calling it Socks For Alice. It's just a basic Regia sock pattern that I was given for free in Liberty, London by a lovely sales assistant when I was there in June. I'm using the ball of Regia Cotton Surf Color that I got for €1.95 in my LYS recently.

I finished sock No 1 this morning:

I hate Kitchener stitch. But it is very effective. Aren't the stripes lovely?
I went through all of my knitting magazines and books last night to pick out projects that I definitely or maybe want to knit so I can get an idea of yarn I want to purchase when I descend on the LYS in Orlando next month. I put them all into my ravelry queue. It was great fun going through them all and lusting after some of them. I had forgotten about some of the patterns I really liked. So far I have quite a list, I have a feeling I may have to post home some of the yarn to myself as the suitcases mightn 't have enough room after all of the usual purchases!
I hope to complete the summertime tunic this week along with the second Sock for Alice and then I really don't know what I'll begin on.
I was really hoping to be able to knit some part of my Hallowe'en costume (we're off to Disneyland on Hallowe'en night) but I haven't been able to come up with anything. Ah well, it's probably for the best, I'll roast in the heat!
I also need a project that can be knit on 3.25mm circulars, as I have bought a set for my plane knitting.
Have you seen the Fall issue of Knitty? Some really lovely patterns this time round. I love the Muir, Mr Greenjeans and Cherie Amour. The Woodins are just as cute as hell!

Sunday 9 September 2007

Retro Redux FO

Yay! I finished the Retro Redux Shrug at 5pm last night, just in time to wear to my friends house!

Now I know it's not the best example of it ever done, but it's my first shrug ever and I'm very proud of it. Just a couple of niggles: I should have made the next size up as it's a bit short at the back and underarms. Also, my cast on is a bit tight around my arm. That would probably be solved by making the next size up too, but overall I'm happy. It was a very easy and enjoyable knit! I used 3 balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran for it.
No other knitting news really, I was spending all of my time trying to get this finished. Now I must get cracking on the Summertime Tunic as I have this pegged for the Rugby World Cup Knitalong on Ravelry. Go Ireland!

Wednesday 5 September 2007

Progress Posts

Time for some progress updates.

My Retro Redux Shrug:

This is knitting up lovely and really quickly! I find the pattern repeat really easy to remember, and the yarn is lovely and soft. I don't think it will go with the top I bought, but it's still a lovely knit that I think would be really nice with a white top and a pair of jeans. I made the ribbing shorter at the cuff by about 1 1/2" as I am a bit nervous I won't have enough yarn to finish it.
My Premiere Pullover:
Another nice knit, but I find the first pattern row really difficult to remember for some strange reason. I keep going wrong on that row! I have kind of abandoned this in favour of the Shrug just because I want to get the shrug done before I go on holidays. But, at the rate the shrug is knitting up I should be back to this in no time.
Nothing really to post on the Summertime Tunic, I've only got about 3 rounds done since I had to rip it back due to it's huge size first time round.
The knitting club was great last night, about 10 turned up and there were some new faces too. It looks like this is going to bed down nicely and turn into a good group!
I also got rid of the evil yarn from hell last night. I gave it to one of the ladies in the group for free. I was so delighted to see it go I almost did a happy dance! I really detested that yarn.
P.S. Lumia (I hope I spelled this right) I have your book that you left behind last night. I'll bring it along for you next week.

Monday 3 September 2007

Retro Redux Shrug

I've decided to cast on for the Retro Redux Shrug from Lace Style.
I bought a lovely strappy top today in M&S for €11 in the sale! bargain! BUT, I don't do sleeveless tops. I just went a bit mad and fell in love with the gorgeous pale green colour and the lovely embroidery on the front. Hence the shrug. It will make me feel much more comfortable wearing it.
I have almost 4 balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran left over from Dad's jumper, so I think I'll make it with that. I hope the colours go okay together! I'll post pics of the top and the yarn later.

Progress is coming along nicely on the Premiere Pullover for my friend for Christmas, but as I'm off on holidays in 5 weeks, I want the shrug for then. I figure it'll be perfect for the airplane on the way over and then I can ditch the shrug for the Floridian sunshine when I don't care who sees my flabby arms!