Wednesday 29 September 2010

Flying Along

Well the charity knitting is going great. I've done two of the ballband dishcloths so far, and am casting on the third now:

Aren't they gorgeous? So simple, yet effective.
I'm using Peaches & Cream cotton yarn (white) and Zettl Colorado from Lidl (orange).
Dirt cheap. I adore this pattern, it's so simple it's ridiculous!
I'm going to do one more of these and then switch yarns & try another cloth pattern. I think they'll be lovely packaged with a nice bar of soap as an item for the charity craft fair.
In other news, I forgot to blog about this last time, how could I have forgotten!
I was in TIK last week to buy some Knit Picks circular cords and a set of needle tips. The lovely ladies there gave me a pressie:

Some of the yarn samples from their recent yarn tasting event! I couldn't make it as it was the day Dad had his operation. (He's doing great, btw)
I was so touched that they thought of me and kept me some samples. I had to leave the shop quickly, I was welling up. How nice is that? Knitters rule, they really do.
Now down to identification! I know the bottom right is Louisa Harding Sari Ribbon. I also know one of them is Louisa Harding Rossetti, but which one? I'm afraid I was so taken by surprise that I didn't take it all in when I was told what they are.
So I have to think of something to make with them that will remind me of knitters kindness.
Good knitting!

Sunday 26 September 2010

I'm a Hottie!

Well, maybe I'm not a hottie, but my latest FO sure is!

My first charity project:

I really like it, I think it looks great:

Pattern: Hottie Cover from Simply Knitting issue 72
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease, Black, Ranch Red & Fisherman. Less than 1/2 a skein of each
Needles: 3.75mm circs using Magic Loop.

A quick enough project, but there were loads of ends to weave in. I think it took me the evening last night to weave them all.
So, 1 project completed for the charity craft fair, now on to the face/dish cloths!
I have plenty of cotton stash to choose from:

So I'm off to browse Ravelry to see what patterns I can find. I think I have a booklet on dishcloths too that I got in Michaels last year. I'll see if I can find it.

Good Knitting!

Monday 20 September 2010

Perfect Piece of Pi

It's done! It's done!
I've finally finished the Pi Shawl, and it's fantastic!
The edging took almost as long as the shawl, but in the end it's totally worth it.
Here it is pre-blocking. I think it measured approx 45" across:

I put it into a bath of Soak to get it nice & clean & wet to block it, and look what happened!
The red dye came POURING out of the yarn! My heart was in my mouth that I was after ruining it, after all the hard work!
Thankfully it doesn't seem to be any worse for the wear:
*sigh* Isn't it beautiful? It's not perfect, but I love it. I ran out of yarn again after buying my extra wheel, so I gave up approx 3/4 of the way through the 576 pattern repeat and just began the edging.
The post blocking diameter is approx 54". So not much growth with blocking, but it lies flat and looks much more even.
Pattern: Pi Shawl by Elizabeth Zimmermann from Knitters Almanac
Yarn: Ístex Plotulopi Unspun Icelandic, 4 wheels of brown & 2 wheels of red
Needles: 4.5mm Addi Clicks and dpns
My only comment is that I couldn't close the hole in the centre after Emily Ockers cast on, as the Unspun Icelandic just came apart in my hand when I tried to pull it. So, it has an extra design feature in the centre!
A true labour of love project, but I'm going to be lovely & warm watching the tv this winter!
Now that I've finished the Pi, I can get cracking on the charity knitting for the hospice.
I bought this yarn last week to do something with:
It's cheap as chips King Cole Big Value chunky. Chunky coz then it might knit up faster, lol!
I'll have to get looking for something to make with it.
In the meantime, I bought the latest issue of Simply Knitting the other day as there's loads of quick gift ideas projects in it that I think will be great for the charity fair.
I think I'm going to start with this one using some self striping cotton yarn I got forever ago in Lidl:

In the meantime, Good Knitting!

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Pi Border & Charity Appeal

Can you believe, I ran out of yarn, again? Unbelieveable.
I decided enough was enough, and that the shawl was big enough as it is. I was about halfway through the second section of the final repeat, so I called it a day and began the edging.
What do you think?:

I know it doesn't look like much. I'm really hoping it opens up with blocking as it feels denser than the shawl body.
This is how much I've done. I guess about a quarter? It's not too bad, but the turning every row is a bit annoying.
Now, onto the appeal part of the title. I was contacted today by a lady on behalf of St Francis Hospice. They're fundraising to complete the building of a hospice here in Dublin 15. A truly great cause, and one I've always supported at their other location in Raheny, Dublin as they cared for two of my relations wonderfully in their final days.
Basically, they're hoping to have a craft fair in early December and are looking for knitters to make lots of different things. Here's the flier:
I, for one, am really going to try and make some things for them. They sent me a few free patterns that they're sending out to people who ask, so if you want one, leave a comment with contact details and I'll send the info on.
One of the organisers, Maeve Henchion, will be coming along to the knitting group next Tuesday to fill us in on all the details.
I think you'll agree it's a wonderful cause, so please, if you can, knit something up!
Good Knitting!

Monday 13 September 2010

Just a quickie

No pics on this post today, I'm posting from work.

Just a quick one to let you know about a new blog that a few of us Irish knitters have set up:
irishknitting. This is hoped to be a one stop shop for knitting & crochet information in Ireland.
We hope to keep it updated with news, events, craft groups, places to buy yarn & much more!
Check it out.
A big thanks to Wyvernfriend who has done great work posting lots of information so far.

In Pi Shawl news, would you believe I ran out of yarn again? Mad. I was halfway through the final chart repeat. I decided enough was enough and I just started the border in the red.
I'm still not 100% sold on the red border, but I'll see how it goes.
I had terrible trouble trying to figure it out, until I read the project comments on rav by this person: LindyBeir. A lifesaver!

Pics next post of a hopefully finished shawl!

Thursday 9 September 2010

Ho hum

So, not much happening, visually, since my last post. It might not look like much, but it is progress:

I finally decided to buy another wheel of the unspun in the brown colour to finish off the main pattern. Thankfully The Yarn Room had some left! It's looking great so far, but you'll have to trust me on that. All will become clear upon blocking.

Otherwise, my other "main" wip has been languishing.
Fern Leaf sock no. 1:

Hidden in my project bag. The poor thing. It deserves to see some sunlight, don't you think? The poor sock has only been allowed out on Tuesday knit nights for the last ages. Hence the lack of progress:

It's not much, but I still class it as progress. I've turned the heel and finished the gusset decreases, so it's plain foot sailing from now until the toe. I should get some done tomorrow, I've to bring Mam to the dermatologist in the morning and pick Dad up from the hospital afterwards. He had his hernias removed today. Thank god all seems to have gone well.

So I'm staying in my Mams tonight, let the fun continue! It's been a long day so far, repeated questions are to be expected. Tomorrow morning shall be fun, however, she detests hospitals. I foresee a large argument in the morning to get her there.

In the mean time, good knitting!

Sunday 5 September 2010

Ever Increasing Circles

My Pi Shawl progresses. I'm on to the last pattern repeat, 576 stitches. It's a behemoth now, each round takes forever:

It's really hard to photograph it, as it's all bunched up on the circular needles.
I think you get the idea of the pattern here:
As with almost all projects, I've run into a snag. This is all the yarn I have left in this colour:

Nowhere near enough. I do have 3 wheels in red & I was planning on doing the border in that colour, but I don't even think I've enough for the last repeat.
Now I guess I've two options:
1. Knit until I run out & then start the edging
2. Knit until I run out & continue in red to the end of the pattern repeat & then do the edging.
2. Order another wheel from The Yarn Room. It's only €5.95 and postage is free.
I have to admit, I'm loath to buy another wheel. I'm really trying to not spend any more on yarn before my holidays (more on that later on). I know it's only €5.95, but it's the principle.
I think I'll settle for No. 1 and knit until I run out. No. 2 would most likely look rubbish.
If I'd planned it better, I suppose I could have alternated the colours between repeats, but hey, that's foresight & good planning, two things that I am not known for!

In other news, Alice & I went to Inspiring Ideas yesterday for a card making demo. We came away inspired (pardon the pun) and €45 poorer. Sheesh. I just can't seem to help myself.
Anyway, when we got home, we got creating again:

Not too shabby I think. I guess we should count up our cards and see how many we've made. I think we've probably got enough now. Which would be bad, as we've tons more Christmas stuff left!

In holiday news, I'm delighted to report we got the house in Florida! Woop! Once I knew for sure what was happening we booked our hotels.

Our plan so far:
Oct 23 arrive in Atlanta, stay the night.
Oct 24 drive to New Orleans (7 1/2 hrs).
Oct 25 & 26 Stay in New Orleans.
Oct 27 Drive to Orlando (10 1/2 hrs). This may get broken up with an overnight stay, or we may split the drive half each. I'm inclined to the latter, as I want to get to Orlando as quickly as possible!
Oct 28 - Nov 4 Stay in Orlando
Nov 4 Drive to Atlanta (7 1/2 hrs)
Nov 4 - 6 Stay in Atlanta & fly home :(

I cannot wait! Plus, as soon as I knew we were going to Orlando again, I rang Disney & managed to get tickets to the Magic Kingdom for Hallowe'en night! Yay! My favourite place to go for Hallowe'en. I'm so effing excited. I can't wait to head back to see Doni in Sip and Knit, Knit! in Longwood & The Black Sheep. Not forgetting an interesngly sized Knit Picks order! :) Plus, I hope to find some yarn in New Orleans & maybe Atlanta. Yipee!

Good knitting!