Wednesday 22 October 2008


I am so hyper it's unbelievable. I am sitting at my desk, starting my last day at work before my holidays! whee! I don't think there's going to be a wink of sleep had tonight...
I have my knit picks basket filled and ready to checkout today when I get home to make sure it arrives when I'm there. I am a bit stuck on other yarns to get this year though. Without a specific project in mind, it's a bit hard to know quantities either, so I may have to wing it a bit when I hit the lys(s).

I've no pics today, but project progress:

Garter Rib Sock - one down one to go. I finished the first one last night
Crochet Tea Cosy - my class practice piece is done. The instructor is going to wad and line it for me.
I have cast on for the Hourglass Socks for the plane. Just a round or two done, enough to get past the fiddly first stage when needles are likely to fall off and roll under the seat in front and my nice and skinny daughter has to go scrambling to retrieve them.
I have begun a crochet scarf for the class now. I've no idea how it's going to turn out, I'm just going to try lots of different stitches out.

On a side note, the things we women do for vanity (and laziness in this case). I got my legs waxed last night so that I wouldn't have to shave on holidays. OWIE. I've had them done before and no biggie, but this time it was really sore. I have hairy toes. So, I'm sure do a few others (humour me that I'm not bigfoot). Getting them waxed is SORE. 'nuff said. Last night in bed they were still throbbing like a Looney Tunes cartoon hand after it gets hit with a hammer. But, I'll have shiny legs on holidays! yep. It's worth it.

I doubt I'll get any blogging in over there, but you never know. If not, sayonara!

Friday 17 October 2008

Cheshire Cat

I feel like the cat that's opened the cream fridge, found the large tub of cream and swallowed it all down in one gulp!

I hit the Wollmeise shop this morning and got these:

Pfefferminz Prinz medium

Red Hot Chili Medium

I had been lurking (stalking) arount the Wollmeise site knowing an update was on the way today.
I am such an advertising sucker. I never thought I was, but I have been totally sucked into the hype surrounding this dyer. I was actually squeeing (if that's a valid word) when I clicked the checkout button ordering these. I am thinking another try at the Pomatomus socks for the peppermint one and I'm unsure about the Chili one.
I also swore I wasn't buying anything before the holidays, but I figure I better get them while I can!

Not much other knitting news really, I had to totally rip back the Garter Rib sock for Dad, as the rib wasn't lined up properly on the instep. It looked really weird. So, I'm back at the point where I ripped originally, about halfway down the first foot. Slow but steady my friends, always wins the race eventually.

I doubt I'll get much more done before I go as I've a wedding to go to tomorrow, my parents to bring to the train station on Sunday (as well as dealing with a hangover no doubt), a house to clean before we go and packing to be done too! I've also got to wind the yarn for my plane socks and cast on the first few rows to get me started.

It's amazing how knowing you're going away makes getting up in the morning easier. This morning I bounced (not literally of course!) out of the bed with a happy grin saying this is the last Friday I have to get up!!

Happy weekend everyone!

Tuesday 7 October 2008

Cinders goes to the ball blind drunk

Oh my it has been a while hasn't it? Things have just been mental chez moi recently.
For some reason I haven't gotten much knitting done, I am beginning to fear that my mojo may also be going on vacation and I'm desperately trying to keep it here with me!
I think that this may be to blame for mojo's walkout:

Zombie no face upsy daisy Cinders:
This is posh Cinders blindly making her way to the ball

This is scrubber Cinders blindly trying to find the mop and bucket.

This is schizo Cinders blindly trying to decide who she is today.

Pattern: Cinderella Topsy-Turvy Doll (Ravlink) by Jean Greenhowe
Yarn: Scraps of DK acrylic
Needles: 3.25mm
As I'm sure you have noticed, Cinders has no poor or posh face. That would be because her creator can't sew for crap. I have tried several times to make a face and it was scarily trash can whore looking (not at all suitable for a 7 year old) so I ripped her face off and tried again. I think I enjoyed that part more than Cinders did. After much swearing I decided to put her face in timeout until I can come up with a more suitable method for facial reconstruction surgery. Any plastic surgeons out there can help?

Who told me that knitting toys was fun? Tara, you were right, I don't know what came over me. I promise never to err again.

In other news, my crochet progresses. Apparently I'm making a tea cozy as my first class project. My instructor says that by the time I've finished it I'll know every crochet stitch. Goody. This is the first side finished. it's all trebles. Apparently I'll be introducing another colour on the second side tonight. The excitement! I'm not really feeling the love for it I must say and I wonder if it's another reason that mojo is trying to sneak out the back door - feeling jealous maybe?

I need to buy mojo a present I think. Presents always make everything better. If only mojo would hang on for 16 more days, then mojo could have their pick of pressies from a Florida LYS!

I need a cake recipe for Mam's birthday cake this Saturday. I was thinking of maybe a nice buttercream sponge cake with jam in the middle or maybe a nice cream flan with strawberries on top? mmmm cake