Wednesday 27 August 2008

Reply to Diane

Hi Diane,

Thanks for commenting on my blog. however, your profile isn't public, so I can't email you back! I hope you read this and get your answers.

There are lots of knitting clubs in Dublin, check this website out for details: OlannBán
The knitting group I attend is the Dublin 15 one in Blanchardstown.

For classes, look here: ThisIsKnit
This great yarn shop is based in Blackrock and have a new schedule of classes set to start next month. They are also opening up a new branch in the Powerscourt centre in the city centre next month although I doubt there will be classes there.

Hope this helps!

In blogging news, I will put up a post tonight with mitten pics and lace woes.


Tara said...

Lace woes? Oh no! Will stay tuned.

knititch said...

they look lovely. so you didn't choose the leprechaurn colourway?? i am impressed with your level of knitting after knitting such a short time.