Wednesday 25 May 2011

Not so Granny

I'm almost finished my granny square experiment:

I think it's gone really well, I'm delighted with it! I've used up all my acrylic bits & bobs. I enjoyed making this so much, I just kept going & going! It's really hypnotic. Definitely not the last one of these I'll be making, and the next one will be more colour co-ordinated :) This one is a bit mis-matched, I just grabbed whatever I had lying around and used it up, from the smallest quantity upwards as the blanket got bigger & bigger.

One thing I would like to do, though, is a nice edging on it. It's not lying flat for me. Anyone have any ideas? I don't know what do do with the blanket once finished, either. Should I gift it? Hmm, but who to?

It's been a busy week here, as you can tell from my dismal lack of posting. We had the Queen last week, and Barack Obama on Monday. This resulted in road closures all over the city and made my life hell trying to get in & out of work. Plus, Alice's school is in the city centre and they were forced to close for two days by the police for "safety reasons". Great. I didn't get the same luxury, even though I'm in Government Buildings! It meant I was stuck with no-one to mind her. Mother in law to the rescue! Maybe I should give her the blanket as a thank you?

I did get to see both of our distinguished guests. The Queen visited the Dáil (Government Chamber) one of the days, and my office overlooks the courtyard into it so I had a good view out the window. No pics, sadly, I was a bit of a dunce and didn't think about it until it was too late.

I did, however, get some pictures of Barack Obama. He made a stop in a hotel directly across the street from my office, and I was practically hanging out of the window taking pictures on my phone as the secret service snipers watched me through binoculars :)

Not the greatest picture, I know, but my phone is as old as the hills, and it was taken through a window. It was great to see him, if you remember I'm a big fan & made sure I was in the States for his election in 2008.

So, now that our esteemed visitors have left, hopefully things will get back to normal.

Oh, I almost forgot! I was in the Dáil today monitoring a debate and I made sure to bring my sheep folder with me :) I held it in front of me so I could be sure it made itnto the tv! One of the Ministers was looking at it quite intently during the debate. Maybe he likes sheep too?

Good knitting!


Irene said...

WOW! Well done! I'm delighted that you have found some love for crochet. It's so therapeutic. I personally love the fact that it is just the one live stitch at a time - it's so easy to turn corners with crochet.

As for the floppy edge. If you had worked in non-acrylics a quick blocking would probably make a difference. Also, if you throw the yarn (as if knitting) this introduces a slight twist to the stitch. However, I get the sense that you are not throwing your yarn but probably just work a bit lose. It's a bit of an art-form to get the right tension, but once learnt, it's in your fingers for life.

It's easy to make an edge to smarten matters up, let me know if you would like some ideas.

Tara said...

Wow, that's brilliant work! Who's multi-craftual NOW? :)

Bionic Laura said...

Way hey! You cracked crochet! It even rhymes. Well done on getting your granny on. It's nice when you get something. Good on you for sticking with it and then actually enjoying it.

Amanda (loves Kevin) said...

Nice job on the Granny!! I suspect you'll be hooked. (haha)

And if I had seen Obama, I'd have been hanging out the window too. Hope the roads are all cleared up for you finally ;)