Monday 1 October 2007

Look! New Yarn!

Look what came today!
The hand painted yarn I ordered only last Thursday from Etsy! mmmm Merino sock yarn. I think this definitely calls for a pair of Monkey socks, don't you? If you think it would be better suited to another sock pattern, let me know!

All I need to do now is figure out a way of winding it into a centre pull ball. I haven't the foggiest idea how to do it, so off I go searching on Ravelry!


Anonymous said...

I have a winder, but not a swift. I use the back of a chair as my swift, LOL. You have to unwind the hank, find one end & begin to wind that way. When I hand-wind, I start off with a little figure-8 around my fingers for a few winds, then wind into a ball shape. Hope this helps.

Mary G said...

also, make sure you leave a tail on your figure - 8 that is long enough to hang out from the center of the ball, does that make sense?