Sunday 30 September 2007

WIP Progress

I've been busy knitting away, but it doesn't look like much...

Premiere Pullover:

I'm almost finished shaping the armholes on the back. This is a slow knit as it hurts my knuckles for some strange reason. Must be the acrylic, I'm not sure. I have to do a bit, swop for another project and then go back to it.

Socks For Dad:

I'm really proud of myself, my first pair of socks on dpns! It's going great at the moment, I'm almost finished the heel flap on the first one. They'll be nice extra for Dad's Christmas present along with the cable sweater.

I splurged the other day and ordered some hand dyed merino sock yarn from Etsy:

It was only $24 including postage. That's great when you take into account the dollar/euro situation so I couldn't help myself. I should have it tomorrow or Tuesday so I'll post pics when it arrives! I'm thinking a pair of Monkey socks for the plane journey??

I have a HUGE list that I might type up and post here of all of the yarns I am looking at buying when I head over in 3 weeks!! It's rather large so I think I may have to sacrifice one or two!