Saturday 10 November 2007

Monkey No More

My monkey socks are finished!
I am so proud of these socks for some inane reason - I think it's because they are the first socks with a pattern I have ever done and because they were my holiday knit - loads of nice memories every time I put them on.
Anyhoo, here they are:

A close up of the detail:

Knit using Araucania Ranco Solid on 2.5mm Bamboo dpns.

A thoroughly enjoyable knit, and definitely one I will do again.

In other news, I was thinking about what to get brothers and sisters in law for Christmas, and I thought, why not knit some dishcloths/washcloths and wrap them up with a nice bar of soap?
So, I found this pattern:
Garterlac Dishcloth
I am on my 4th attempt to get it right, so there is no guarantee that they will get one at all, but I am determined now to get it right! I am using some cotton yarn I got a while back that I previously have used for my Summertime Tunic as I believe that cotton is best.

We''ll see how I get on.


del said...

Cotton is perfect for those little dishcloths, so hopefully, you have better luck with that pattern. I've never tried entrelac, so good luck!

Your Monkey socks are so nice in that blue. Great job!