Sunday 9 March 2008

My worst FO yet...

I finished my David Bowie doll today after hours of really bad sewing and he looks a bit like this:

Hahahaha The poor thing should be put out of his misery!

He looks nothing like David as I substituted virtually everything to use what I had in my stash. And I discovered that my sewing sucks the big one. It's just appalling! Definitely to be viewed from a distance - a long distance.

Still, it was intended as a laugh, and he certainly provided that. He is currently standing on top of the cooker hood looking like he is seriously considering jumping off!
Here's my progress this week on my Trees Breeze blanket. I don't think I'm going to have enough yarn, so I've decided to omit one repeat of the tulips on each section. I'm not liking the way they look anyway, so it's no biggie. I should definitely have this done in time, it's powering along!
My Tangled Yoke has suffered a bit of neglect in the name of the blanket. I brought my sleeve along to SnB last week and one of the ladies had a great idea, crochet a row along where the joins are and that should solve the ugly ladders! Brilliant, I said. How do you crochet? So, one of the other ladies lent me a crochet hook and showed me what to do. That was last Tuesday, and I only got around to trying it today, so needless to say I've completely forgotten. I have tried a crochet of sorts and it seems ok. I reckon after blocking it will be fine. Aren't fellow knitters and crocheters great people?


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I love how helpful crafty people tend to be to one another. The blanket looks fantastic! And the you could pass him off as Elvis??