Wednesday 28 May 2008

Chasing My Tail

It feels like I'm running just to stand still at the moment. I'm getting very little done, but wearing myself out doing it!

I was back at the hospital on Tuesday, but not for me this time. It was for my 85 year old Dad, who has been told he has cataracts and needs them removed. I was the moral support. He will hopefully get the procedure done next Tuesday, or the Monday after. Fingers crossed all will go well and he can get back to driving and normality again.

In other news, I have two FOs!

Pattern: Phyllo Yoked Sweater from Knitting Nature by Norah Gaughan.
Yarn: GGH Safari Solid, 7 skeins
Needles: 4.5mm

I love this sweater, I think it's really cool! It will need a top underneath it, as it's quite "airy" but it will be perfect for summer evenings as it's linen. It was an easy enough knit too, the pattern is quite hypnotic, and it's done in the round from the yoke upwards, so very little seaming and that's always a good thing for me. I modified it slightly to make the sleeves about elbow length so it is more suited to summer wear.

Another FO -my first intarsia

Pattern: Exploring Socks VII Argyle Socks
Yarn: KnitPicks Palette, just over one skein MC, and less than a quarter skein each of the CCs
Needles: 2.75mm and 2.5mm

A great introduction to colourwork and I will definitely do more after this! The bloody blue lines did my head in though, it was very hard to get them to line up!

I also splurged and bought 13 skeins of this:

Debbie Bliss Prima, 80% Bamboo, 20% Merino. The colour is much more of a lavender shade than appears here. I have this earmarked for the Medallion Top from the Spring/Summer 08 Vogue Knitting. I can't believe I'm actually going to make something from Vogue, to me it was always a bit "out there" when it came to wearability, but there you have it!

It's a bank holiday weekend here this weekend and hubby is off to London for a work conference from Monday to Wednesday. My daugher also starts her summer holidays from primary school this Friday so there shall be much merriment and fun making whilst Daddy is away!!! tee hee!


WorstedKnitt said...

It looks gorgeous on you, the shirt! Well done! The socks came out beautifully too.

Anonymous said...

The pullover looks so good on you! I'm much more impressed seeing it on you than I was looking at the mag.

I feel the exact same way about VK, which is why I've only knit a couple of patterns out of it.

Socks are great. I can't imagine all that work.

Hope your dad recovers quickly!

Jagienka said...

That pullover looks great!
I was thinking about making one for myself but I don't really like wearing knitted clothes in the summer (even in Ireland).
Anyways, it really suits you, so wear it proudly!