Thursday 8 May 2008

It's a Beautiful Day

I can't get that U2 song out of my head recently. Probably because of the fabulous weather we've been having. Really hot and sunny yay! And I'm off to recuperate in it! What could be better?

I got my staples out on Tuesday so it's just stingy now, but well on the way to healing fully thank God.

So, what have I done this week? Well, lots actually!

Pattern: 15-15 Drops Kids Cardigan with Lace Pattern from here (free)
Yarn: Zettl Colorado 100% cotton
Needles: 4.5mm

This knit up really quickly. I'm not super happy with the underarms of it, they're very lumpy at the seams. It's my own fault though. The arms are increased out from the back and sides of the cardigan and then seamed together along the top and bottom of the sleeve. I increased using backwards loop cast on, so the edges were very uneven for seaming. If I were to make it again, I'd knit into the front and back of the stitches to increase more evenly.

I finished one of the argyle socks! I know the chart didn't work completely, but I'm happy with it for my first intarsia project. They're definitely winter socks though, that KnitPicks Peruvian wool sure is warm!

I'm almost finished my first Belle Époque sock too. About 1 more inch of foot and then the toe decreases.

I treated myself and went shopping yesterday after a fellow enabler at my SnB told me my LYS had yarn reduced. How could a girl be off work and not check that out?

Here's what I got:

Lang Venezia Color 2 skeins, €1.95 a skein. A steal. I'll probably make a scarf or something from it.

Sirdar Town & Country sock yarn, 2 skeins each of grey, black and navy/stripy for €2.95 a skein. I see lots of socks in my Dad's future!

Sirdar Pure Cotton 4 ply, 1 skein €4.95 I see socks for my wool hating hubby.

Regia 6 ply sock yarn for my daughter, not on sale :(

The guy ringing up my purchases is normally very uncommunicative, so imagine my surprise when he very drily says, "You like to make socks?" I resisted and just smiled demurely.

Have a good weekend!


Lien said...

Great argyle socks! I have a few pairs of argyle socks given to me by a friend ages now, and they're wearing out now, so you've got me thinking of knitting some replacements...