Friday 5 September 2008

Friday night freedom!

I can't believe I haven't posted since last Sunday - my goodness time flies when your boss is back from holidays! ;) Busiest week in ages, trying to get loads done (so I could look like I did loads of work instead of spending the day streaming the olympics on the work pc while the boss was away)

But, I do have some progress for you all:

My first mitten!

Isn't it just scrumilicious? I know it's not perfect, there are some errors, but I love it. For a first mitten ever I think it kinda rocks. I can't wait to finish the second one. I reckon these would be pretty cool for the cold car in the mornings driving into work.

My daughters Crosshatch sock is coming along nicely too:

I finally got the stitch count right on 48 stitches and it fits her fine. I had to do the heel twice though, that's what I get for chatting too much at my SnB, the heel was at least twice what it should have been, enormous!

So, I signed up for the crochet class at the local school. Starts Sept 23rd until Dec 7th I think. I'll only miss one week when I'm in Florida (6 weeks 6 days to go woohoo!) so that's ok. I'm really looking forward to it too, it'll be great to learn a new craft and some new ways of finishing knitted garments.

Although, I felt so bad when I broke the news to the SnB ladies. Two of them told me they'd teach me themselves, but I want to go to a classroom atmosphere to get the full benefit, plus I don't want to spoil their night, teaching me who takes several goes to get the hang of it! But it was lovely of them. They said they'll miss me, even if it is only for 10 weeks, and I have to say I will too. I love my Tuesday nights and wouldn't swap them for anything. God knows what I did before knitting, it's opened up so many new things to me, new friends I never would have normally met and of course new international friends through this humble little blog and the mighty Ravelry. Knitting and crafting rocks!

Now I must get cracking on my Christmas list. No more procrastinating for me, decisions need to be made - just a little bit later maybe...

Right so, well it's Friday night and I'm off to have a few drinkies and play some Sims 2. Sayonara!


knititch said...

great knitting. do you bring your knitting to the pub????

what a great way to spend friday night in dublin having a few drinkies.
i never enjoyed drinking as much as i did in dublin. wheelan's and the international bar with my grown up nephew. we will be back.

Tara said...

Those are your first mittens??? They're great! I've only knit 2 pairs myself.

Good for you for signing up for the crochet class. I'll be able to get my vicarious crochet fix through you :)

Yarn Cat said...

I must say, I wish I know how to crochet.
Do agree knitting has opened up so many opportunities in life. I can't imagine how my life will be like without knitting. Sometimes, I wonder what did I do before? Seems kinda blur with tons of meaningless TV watching or sleeping over a book or something...
Thanks for leaving comments on my blog, your comment on the cat bathroom is so funny!!!

Bionic Laura said...

Great blog. Love those mittens. They are really nice and pretty complicated for a first mitten project!

So when you come back from the crochet class you better have loads of cool stuff to show us on tuesday nights!