Saturday 13 September 2008

Photo Update

I'm a little bit delicate this morning let me tell you. Not too bad, but a little bit rough around the edges. Had a great night last night, but was ultra sensible and got the bus before the last one home! I don't think my husband quite knew what was going on, I normally stumble in the door sometime after 2am from a taxi, so I think he was secretly a bit pleased I was home so early. (He made me toast. A dead giveaway.)
Hence I'm up at 8am, putting up my progress pictures from yesterdays post! It's a nice sunny morning (uber surprise). My living room is like a little patch of heaven early in the morning when the sun shines. It bathes the room with light and I love it.

My Pi tablecloth:

At the 288 stitch stage, so it's become a blob on the circs and will remain so until finshed and blocked. But, I think it's coming along great!

My daughters crosshatch socks

She's delighted with these, especially because they are the same yarn as my Embossed Leaves. She thinks it'll be "really cool" for us to wear them at the same time. Em no.

This is how much Smooshy was left over:

I wasn't kidding when I said it was down to the wire!

This is my second Druid mitten. Nothing exciting here, just on the cuff.

And this is the beginnings of my Dad's Christmas present socks. I found the name of the pattern:
Garter Rib Socks from Sensational Knitted Socks (Rav link). Nice and boring mens pattern that won't require any independent thought.

Thanks for the pattern and yarn suggestions so far, keep 'em coming!


del said...

How lovely are those pink socks! I've done the Garter Rib & you're right, nice & boring, perfect for commuter or mindless knitting.

Hope you feel all the way better soon!

Tara said...

Of COURSE it'll be cool when you wear your socks together! My daughter would get a kick out of that. Not sure if I can stomach her colour sense though.

And you know, you can move your tablecloth onto 2 circs it if starts to feel too crowded on one needle. That's what I did for my Baby Pinwheel, and it was a life saver!