Saturday 11 April 2009

Easter is almost here

Thank goodness, Easter is almost here. Looking at the Easter eggs on top of the kitchen presses is driving me nuts! I'm not the biggest chocolate fan in the world, but they've been taunting me for a few weeks. Tomorrow it shall be mine. Oh yes.

Progress continues on the Good Stripe Dress:

It's going well so far. Except for the provisional cast on. I think I'm lacking something in the brain department that enables me to "get" this technique. Did you ever have that problem with something, no matter how hard you try it just won't sink in? Yeah, happens to me quite a bit. I've watched loads of videos, followed picture tutorials etc and no go. So, I was thinking of maybe knitting a little epaulette for the shoulders to hide the shocking join. We'll see. Other than that, it's fantastically mundane holiday knitting. Can watch movies, put the work down to constantly answer the doorbell when Alice wants to come in "just for a minute to get such and such to play with" (grrr).
I jest. It's been great being off this week.

While on the hunt for the 3mm circs, which I got btw (yay, although both were in different lys on the opposite sides of the city) I succumbed. I know, I know, but this stuff is really cheap and I really want to make a Noro Striped Scarf. So, how do you like these two colours togther?

It's King Cole Mirage DK. I love the colour changes, and I thought the grays would be a nice contrast to the deeper blues & greens of the other ball.
We went to Disney On Ice last night. Great fun. I just love it. The costumes are great, and there's fun for everyone. It was Finding Nemo this year.
So, Happy Easter one and all. Eat too much chocolate, or, if you don't want your egg, I'll gladly take donations....


Alrischa said...

Those will work well for a Noro scarf, I think. You know, it's ridiculous, but I'd never considered swapping yarn for one of those! I thought Noro a bit itchy, though I liked the color-changing stripes... I'm going to make one, too, when I find the right colors. (Though I'm trying to limit myself to six WIP's at a time Ü)

The good-stripe dress is going to be nice! I haven't tried a P cast-on. I figured if I ever needed one, I'd just cast on with some scrap to be pulled out later Ü

knitting it up said...

If I could redo the Noro scarf I might have gone for that yarn as I find the Noro just a bit scratchy (and I used Silk Garden). The blue you have picked is very Jared!

Oh, and I *cannot* do a prov. crochet cast on either. THEY DO NOT 'UNZIP'. There, that's out of my system now :)

Tara said...

Love the colours for the Good Stripe dress, and for the Stripes scarf as well. Hmmmm, lots of stripes lately!

Provisional cast-ons are a breeze once you crochet the stitches directly on your knitting needles. Makes it much less of a hassle to pick up the little bumps. Too bad you're so far away, I'd show you and I'm sure you'd pick it up in no time!