Monday 6 April 2009

Surprise, baby!

From this:

To this!

I think this pattern is amazing. When you're knitting it it's all over the place, but two simple folds at the end and it's a super cute baby jacket and the only seaming is at the shoulders! EZ was a total genius. Aren't the buttons cure too?

This is part two of my charity knitting, part one was three really cute petal baby bibs from One Skein, that I forgot to take a picture of! I'll have to make some more so I can get a shot of them. They were really quick, about a night each.

I've almost turned the heel on my long languishing Jaywalkers. I got 5 1/2 hours knitting on and off done on Saturday as I had to bring my Mother to hospital. Her ring finger had swollen up and I had to get her wedding, engagement and eternity rings cut off. A horrible experience. I felt so sorry for her, she was really upset and ikn a lot of pain. I've told her I can get them repaired in the jewellers, but now the rings have gone missing. I think she may have thrown them in the bin not realising what they were, and forgotten. I went through the small bin this morning (ugh) but no sign, so it looks like I may have to tackle the wheelie bin. Plus my Dad is very sick with a tummy bug since Thursday. I got him to miss playing the organ for mass yesterday as this week is probably his busiest week of the year in the Chruch, with Easter. I really hope he gets well soon, it's taken a lot out of him.

In slightly better news, it's the school holidays!!! woot! I'm off for two whole weeks of fun. Although the weather had better improve, it's lashed rain here all day.
Kids bored + rain <> happy Mammy. (sorry, nerdy programmer peeking through there)

I tried out the sewing maching at the weekend too. I bought a bed sheet to practice on before destroying the lovely fabric, but something appears wrong with the machine. It doesn't sew thread every time it goes through the fabric. It seems to skip a few holes, then sew one or two then skip another bunch. Unsure why this is, or how to find a solution.

I've decided to cast on for the Good Stripe Dress too. Swatching at the moment, hopefully all goes well!

Enjoy the rest of your week! I must resist the urge to visit a yarn store now I have the time to go during the day...


knitting it up said...

Love the jacket, I really want to try this pattern myself one day.

With the sewing machine - try adjusting the tension, it sounds like it is loose (and so not 'catching' every time).

Tara said...

Everyone's knitting EZ lately! I can't wait to see your Good Stripe dress, I love the colours you've picked out for it.