Monday 28 September 2009

I Got Game

I can bring it. Oh yes I can.
Behold, the Liberty Bell Afghan in all its finished glory:
Pattern: Liberty Bell Afghan from Cover Up with Nicky Epstein
Yarn: Various Acrylics and cotton backing fabric
Needles: 5mm Addi Clicks
Here you can see the backing fabric and how it goes with the afghan front:
Isn't it great? I can't wipe the smug grin off my face at the moment.
This was the backing fabric pinned and tacked befoew sewing in.
Thanks to the girls from my knitting group and my sister in law, I have mastered the invisible hem stitch. Check it out:
Neat huh? It took me about 4 hours to sew in the backing fabric which I think is quite good considering it was by hand, and my first time. I finished it at about 6 this evening when I made and sewed on the tassels.
So, do you think my sister in law will like it? I sure hope so!
In the meantime I cast on for this Baby Aran Cardigan.
The back:
The Left Front:
Just the thing, some instant gratification after a long hefty project like the afghan.
In other great news, I got the most fantastic care package from Tara. I had put out a plea for a copy of Interweave Knits Weekend, as it wasn't available here, and she kindly volunteered to post it to me. Much to my surprise, there were goodies in the parcel too!
A gorgeous sheepie card addressed by her adorable daughter, a kite for Alice made by her husbands own fair hands and a ball of Rowan Handknit cotton in the most scrumptious shade of yellow. Reminds me of banana ice cream. Isn't she the best? Thanks Tara!
My Mam had her brain CT scan today. Once I managed to get her up, dressed and out of the house it wasn't too bad actually, I thought when she saw the machine she'd have a fit, but the staff were great. They didn't give her a chance to freak, just popped her on the bed and bish bash bosh. Just what she needed.
Let's hope the results of the scan and the geriatrician appt on Thursday go as well!


Lien said...

Holy...sweet baby Jesus.

That afghan is some amazing work- it looks awesome!

Alrischa said...

Can't believe it's finally finished! Though it didn't take as long as I would have... you can knit an afghan in the time it takes me to knit a sock! hehe. It looks fantastic (and the red and stars on the back match really well); what a lot of work!

GaietyGirl said...

Bloody hell that's an awful lot of work. Think I might have eaten it first. Well done :)

Anonymous said...

I am in awe. What an incredible afghan! You should be soooo proud of yourself.

Tara said...

Wow, the afghan looks great! The backing really gives it the perfect finishing touch, well done! And I'm glad you enjoyed your package. We should swap more often!

kelgell said...

Oh yeah!! Great work on the Liberty. What an achievement! It looks fantastic too and the backing goes so well. Handsewing sure is a timekiller. I'm sure she'll like it. She'd betta!!! Ha ha.

Bionic Laura said...

Wow that is just fabulous Sinead! I love the back, that's some nice hidden seam sewing. It's the little touches like that and that tassles that give it such a professional finish. It looks fantastic, take a well deserved bow.

WorstedKnitt said...

Amazing! I'm really jealous about how you sew the fabric on - I can't see any stitches at all! Marvellous work *pats on back*

Nik said...

If your sister-in-law doesn't like that afghan, I will give you my address. Good job, girlie!