Wednesday 25 November 2009

Mini Madness

OK, so I'm up off my death bed. Only just, mind you. I doubt I'll be running a marathon in the next while, but at least I can function again.

And, I can knit again! Yay! It was horrible to be separated from my friend the knitting needle for so long. I felt bereft and empty.

I found this pic on my camera of the Liberty Bell Afghan all parcelled up and ready to go in the house in Florida for my sister in law. Looks good, huh? I got the basket and wrapping from Michaels and I've left it there for her to find.

Right. Down to biznazz. Once I'd sufficiently recovered I returned to knitting with a vengeance. Remember Alice asked me for a hat with earflaps?

Here you go, hun:
Needles: I think 4.5mm Addi Clicks and dpns
Yarn: Cascade 220 less than one skein of each colour

I got gauge and knit according to the pattern but this still turned out HUGE. So huge that I haven't blocked it for fear she might get lost in it when she puts it on. It's a bit ridiculous looking to be honest, but she loves it and won't give it back, so that's that I guess.
Her verdict: "You rock Mom, it's way cool". So glad I could oblige. She's so easily pleased it's a pleasure to knit for her. Bless.

If anyone else wants gratuitous praise for completed projects, she's available to rent. Just pm me for details.

I finished the second Noro Striped Scarf for my Dad for Christmas.
I love this pattern. The finished results look great and it's a really warm and snuggly scarf. Hubby has worn his one nearly every day and loves it. Pretty amazing considering this yarn has 50% wool, and he hates wool!

So on to the blog post title. I have been bitten by the mini knitting instant gratification bug.
I cracked open the Knit Picks Christmas Ornament kit the other day thinking that I could manage a little project whilst I recuperate.

Well, I've managed a few so far...
Mini Hat

Mini Colourwork Sweater:

Mini Scarf:

Mini Stripy Sweater:

Mini Mitten:

I may end up having to get another tree to hang all this crap from. I'm going to have to get some stuffing too for the fairy lights chain and the sweets etc.

I'm always coming up with these great ideas of stuff to make and then when I start them they're not nearly as much fun as I think they're going to be.
Although that's maybe a bit disingenuous to the kit. The little sweaters are cute.

In sad news, I am without a sock at present. My car is in the garage for repair, and my sock is in the glove box! Oh noes! I hope it's ok and not too cold or lonely in the dark box. I'll make it up to it when I get it back. In the meantime I am sock-project-less. Not a nice place to be.
So, I wound my ball of Plymouth Alpaca Baby Grande last night.
(I never said the two things made sense together). I needed a project for the knitting group, and hadn't the time to choose a sock pattern & sock yarn so I grabbed the Alpaca and ran with the intention of knitting a cowl so I could enter this competition being run by a knitty friend. It's an X Factor knitting challenge and I thought I could enter the Simon Cowl category.

I decided to try this pattern, but I didn't like it after a couple of repeats. So I'm on the hunt for a nice cowl pattern that can be made with one skein of Plymouth Alpaca Baby Grande.
So I need a pattern quick! Any ideas?
Good Knitting!


Alrischa said...

No good cowl ideas, I'm afraid, but I love the ornament-ettes. So cute!

Averil said...

But the little ornaments look so cute! don't forget to take a photo when you've hung them on the tree.

As for cowls what about these? (Ravelry links)

dmaxi said...

Awww that poor, lonely sock. I'd be contempating breaking out the ninja gear and making a daring mid-night raid to rescue it from the garage. You'll have to reassure it, when you get it back, that it wasn't on time-out.

Tara said...

Too bad about the hugeness of Alice's hat, but as you say, the important thing is that she loves it. I'm giving up blocking hats altogether, I think. The past three I've knit have blocked out ginormous when they were perfection itself pre-block. I'm not going to be duped again.

Bionic Laura said...

Love that hat it's so cute. And I love all the mini ornaments.

So a hunt around ravelry gave me a few cowl suggestions.

Speedy Cabled Cowl

Swampfield Cowl

Comfy Cowl

WorstedKnitt said...

Glad you're feeling better! I adore those mini ornaments :)