Sunday 29 November 2009

Twit whoo!

Thanks everyone for the cowl pattern suggestions!

It's been a pretty horrible weekend here weather wise, but I have rectified that damp cold feeling with this gloriously quick and yummy project.

I had been thinking of making an owls jumper, but I realised that it probably won't happen until after Christmas, so I decided instead to make this:

Pattern: Owl Cowl
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande
Needles: 8mm Knit Picks Options
Not sure if I'll enter this into the Simon Cowl category of the X Factor competition though, I think it was meant to be an original design, but hey. I love it.
Apologies for the second photo, I'm wearing tatty old comfy house clothes, I hadn't brushed my hair, and it's so dark that this was the best photo I could get.
I love this pattern. It was really quick and easy. The yarn is just fabulous too, so soft and scrummy that I could happily dive into a vat of it, never to be seen again. However, it did shed like my dog I had years ago. There was "fur" everywhere. Do not knit with this if you're wearing a nice top!
The weather here today is just rotten. Howly (like the owl reference???) winds, lashing rain and just miserably cold. The perfect day for sitting in your comfy tatty clothes, knitting away and watching movies on tv.
I've a yummy dinner merrily cooking away: ham, potatoes, cauliflower and cheese sauce. Mmmm NOM NOM.
I gave in to the pre Christmas crap yesterday and bought a chocolate Yule log too, so there may be an ickle (heh, HUGE) slice of that for dessert.
Dad is almost better, so hopefully I won't have to do so much running around next week. Suffice to say I'm worn out after last week, and particularly yesterday.
I made their dinner after buying it from the shops, went back down to collect his pension, went back down twice more to leave in his prescripton and collect it, cleaned their house, washed the dishes and gave my Mam a shower. Then I dropped her to the hairdressers and collected her afterwards.
Then, I came home to try and do something with my own filthy pit of a house. Yeah, let's just say it's still a filthy pit. But y'know what? I don't care. I'm happy in it. For another week at least.
Good knitting!


knitting it up said...

You poor thing, you are run off your feet at the moment. I love the c-owl, very cosy looking.

Alrischa said...

Owl Cowl... hehehe. It does look cute and warm. Pity about the fur, but I suppose the softness is most important. I must make something owly some time!

Anonymous said...

Yes, even though the weather may be terrible, it's PERFECT for knitting. Hope the cowl kept you warm!

Tara said...

Great cowl, Sin! I need to jump on the cowl bandwagon. And after everything you've been doing for your parents, it's no wonder you've got no energy left over for your own house! Sit back and knit, and enjoy a slice of yuletide log, heh.