Sunday 18 April 2010

Cushendale Stash and other things

So I realised that I hadn't blogged the yarn I bought in Cushendale. Here you go:

I didn't buy half as much as I wanted to, I think I felt guilty about spending too much.
I did buy some of this:

Absolutely gorgeous sock weight yarn in a really lovely heathery green shade.
And this one in scrummy pink heathers:
The lady in the shop told me these skeins had 550yds, but according to Ravelry there's only 367? Still, it would be enough for a pair of socks. It's a bit scratchy though, so I'm unsure.
I also nabbed a sale skein of bouclé in this really pretty light pink. For what, I haven't a clue.

Yardage of this is completely unknown.
I must say, the tags on the skeins could be much better, a yardage would be a start!
I also ordered 10 skeins of their DK weight yarn in a delectable mustardy/yellowy tweed for a sweater or a cardigan. They've to phone me when they next dye a lot.
I also couldn't resist this guy:
A guard sheep for my stash. He'll watch over it and keep sticky fingers & moths away.
I met up with Sheknitupthatball and C_Bunni_Crafts briefly at lunchtime during the week. It was great to meet them, and SheknitupthatBall had extremely kindly brought me back some yarn from her recent trip to the States:
Some Pagewood Farm Glacier Bay! I heart Pagewood Farm. The Chugiak I knit with before was just the yummiest stuff, so I'm really excited to make some socks with this one.
Alice nabbed it in the car on the way home and declared it was to be used for socks for her, as Watermelon is her favourite, and I owe her some socks as it's been aaages since I made her any, so it's the least I can do. Well who am I to argue with that? I should get a pair for me out of the skein too, so it's ok :)
I also went into ThisIsKnit and spent like a madwoman. I bought a big bottle of Ravelry Soak, Barbara Walkers Knitting from the Top & 2nd Treasury of Knitting Patterns. I'm mad excited to have these two books, EZ always raved about Barbara Walker, so lets see what the fuss is all about! I'm looking forward to making my first top down fitted sweater too, at last something I make to fit my lumpy bumpy bits!
In project progress, the Plain Ol Socks are coming along. I'm just about at the toe of the first one.
This is my take along project, y'know for the car or when I'm round Mam & Dads as I can chat & knit this one with no problems.

My Summit Shawl is coming along slowly but surely. The progress is not phenomenal, but I can't really carry this around as as I spent most of the week either in Mams or visiting Dad in the hosp, I really only got to knit some of this last night. It's not difficult, just a bit fiddly...
I'm still in love with it though!
In personal news, Dad got home from the hospital on Friday evening. He was worn out & starving hungry the poor lamb. And to top it all the third colonoscopy didn't work again! Unbelievable.
Anyway, the result of it all is that they've decided to remove the growth, along with half of his bowel. They're going to perform what's called a Laparoscopic Right Hemicolectomy, where they remove the right side of his colon. Sounds dangerous & extreme to me, I think they've decided it's too nasty to let it continue. They had to give him a blood transfusion of 2 pints of blood. Apparently the growth is bleeding into the bowel, which is another indication that it could be the big C. They're taking him in on May 5 for the op and expect him to be in for a week to 10 days. I'd imagine this will require a fair bit of recuperation afterwards, so I'm worried about what I'm going to do about Mam. My brother can take some of the time off, so I'll have to take the rest. I'll figure something out I'm sure. In a way I'm glad they're doing something about it, but I'm also a bit scared for him.
Anyway that's all for now. I'm off to make a cup of tea & relax with my Summit shawl.
Good knitting!


Nicola said...

Looks great. As for the Cushendale, take a look at this this) and even this maybe?

Hoping for the best outcome for your dear aul' Dad. Try not to worry too much (not possible I know!)

del said...

Yummy yarn purchases, yay!

I hope your dad gets better soon. You do have a wonderful attitude about it, so keep thinking positive. {{{hugs}}}

Alrischa said...

I would like some watermelon socks, too, please :D

Hope everything goes well with your Dad. 2 blood transfusions, hey? Sounds like that thing is better out than in. At least it's laparascopic.

sheknitupthat said...

LOVE the Cushendale loot!

craft-chick said...

I hope everything goes well for you Dad, I think it's good that they're not wasting time. I'll be sending positive energy over the ocean to you both!

Now, as for the are all soooo gorgeous! And that first one especially, it reminded me of the ocean, so many facets to that green...lovely!

WorstedKnitt said...

A guardian sheep! What a lovely idea :D

Sending good thoughts your and your parents way!

Tara said...

Excellent stash enhancement, can't wait to see the 10 skeins of DK (!). Summit is looking really good as well, I wonder if you've finished it by now? :)