Saturday 26 June 2010

Super Saturday

The weather has been really beautiful here today. As a result not much knitting got done.
I started Alice's second sock so that I have something portable to bring with me instead of Dads vest.
Speaking of Dads vest, I made a cock up converting the stitch pattern to the round that meant I had to rip back 9 rows of 264 stitches. This does not a happy camper make.
So, I've recharted it and started again.
I've decided not to post pictures of this project, as I may or may not submit it to a magazine if it goes well. I think it makes a lovely vest for a man, well, it will if it works out!

So in place of knitting in the heat today, Alice & I got creative in the garden.
This started out as a door hanger that looked like a cute snail in the picture, but we decided to morph it into something more Alice's style. In other words, make it more monster like :)

Introducing Goooogly the door hanger. I think he's cool. The spiders & skull came from a packet of Halloween confetti I bought in the States last year. The rest came from a craft pack I bought her last week in Inspiring Ideas. It's full of great stuff like foam, felt, stickers, coloured pipe cleaners and of course googly eyes. We had great fun making him today.

Speaking of Alice, I think she looks great in this picture. Look at all her freckles! The sun brings out the best in everyone I think :)

As is demonstrated above. Hubby brought these home for me today when I got back from Mam & Dads. Aren't they lovely? They really brighten up the room.
I hope the weather stays nice tomorrow too, then I might get out in the garden with my yarn & needles. A little "me" time would be nice.

Good knitting!


Nicola said...

Alice is a beaut in this pic. Thanks for the great picture, it's nice to 'meet' her!

Congratulations on your Dad's vest. It's really worth pursuing the pattern options. The most important thing of course is that he's recovering well. I'm so glad.

Bionic Laura said...

What a fab photo of Alice. I love the googly eyed snail, he's great. Your Dad's vest sounds like it will be really lovely.

craft-chick said...

Alice looks great in the photo, especially holding something crafty!

beautiful flowers, our husbands must think alike, mine just brought me some home!

sheknitupthat said...

She is just gorgeous Sinead!

Tara said...

I was just thinking how pretty Alice looks in that picture! And how much she looks like her mum, too :)