Tuesday 22 June 2010

Wall Street Crash

So remember last post I said I was starting Wall Street Cables with the Drops Karisma I bought on WWKIP day? Yeah. Not so much.
I took Dads measurements and checked the pattern. No size for him. XS is 36" and S is 41 1/2". 41 1/2" for a Small? Dad is a 38" chest.
Ok, I said, I can up size from the XS. So I do a gauge swatch. Gauge in the pattern is 9sts to 1"
For DK weight yarn? On 4mm needles? Couldn't do it. I was getting 7sts to 1".
That was just too much math for me. I decided it was out.

So what now? Well I decided to get all EZ over it. I took out my Barbara Walker Stitch Treasury Vol 2 and decided on the Rib & Braid stitch. I looked through my EZ books, and decided on a Kangaroo Pouch sweater. Righty ho, let's go!

It involves steeking. Ooer. I did a steeking class with Jared Flood, aka BrooklynTweed last year so I kind of understand it. He used the crochet version, EZ used the machine sewn version. I'm terrified of doing it, but I'm going to be fearless and all that.
So I've done the math, I've converted the stitch pattern to the round and charted it out, and have cast on. I'm on the ribbing and contemplating the pattern. I'm really hoping this goes well, if it does, it'll be my first proper pattern. And in the round. Go me!

I've finished Alice's first Double Lace Ribbing Sock:

It's turned out well, I think. It fits her perfectly and she loves it. So all I need to do is cast on for the second one! I don't know when I'll get to it, as I'm feeling the Dad vest mojo at the moment, so we'll see. Maybe at the weekend.

In other news, it's my birthday today.
Here's my pressie haul:

A fab coaster that looks to be a reproduction from a war message. The caption says "Mend & make do to save buying new". Isn't it great?

This one is adorable, a reproduction of a Jaeger knitting ad. Cute cartoon kiddies knitting.

I don't know what children's show this guy is from, but squeeze his tummy & he makes the most adorable baa sounds! Aww.

This has to be my fave. Sheepie Lego! Lego! That's a sheep! Brilliant.
Hubby also said he'll give me money to spend at Knit Nation next month. Result!

Alice made me this card:

I love it. She's so good, she took ages to make sure it was right. Bless.

Dad bought me a huge Chocolate Fudge cake and a bottle of champagne. He walked down to the shops and ordered the cake and carried the champagne home. Then rang me & got me to collect the cake on my way home! I couldn't believe he carried the champagne home, I was delighted and mad at the same time.

He's doing quite well, obviously, after his excursion! I'm pleased with his progress.

And the weather has been amazing here recently. Things are looking up.


Wendy said...

Happy Birthday!!

kelgell said...

YOU HAVE TIMMY!! He's the main character of a kids show called Timmy Time--a five minute show where young animals attend school and only speak their animal sounds. It's so cute. A spin off from Shaun the Sheep which I also love.

Ooo, sounds like your birthday was a wonderful day. Happy Birthday. Aww, your dad is so lovely to organise a cake and champagne for you. Sweet.

Good luck with your vest too. Hope it works well without too many hassels.

Alrischa said...

Yeah, Byron has a Shaun, but Timmy is cuter ;) You can find examples of them on you tube; I looked!

I can't believe you can get shearing shed leggo!! (Of course I did see a box of leggo the other day with "ages 16+" on it! Honestly!) They are so cute!

Hope you got my present in the mail, and that your hubby wasn't toooo mad ;D (He's free for a while now, as Australia is out of the WC. Funny how we were in until we won a game...)

Averil said...

I LOVE the lego sheep!!!I wonder if you can get them here?

And as for the pattern not working out for your Dad's vest -that's crap! esp. cos you bought the book just for that pattern didn't you? Well at least your EZ inspired creative juices can be let loose. Hope it all works out.

Tara said...

Oooh, steeking. I'm a-scareded of that crazy "cutting in your knitting" thing. Of course, I also can't imagine sitting down with a stitch dictionary (even though I own a few) and a pocket calculator either! Go you!