Sunday 8 August 2010

Production Halt

Due to technical difficulties chez KnitInc, production has ground to a halt.

I blame it all on the decorating bug that seems to have struck. Yesterday we painted the bedroom that used to be Alice's. That's two bedrooms in one week.
That and the stupid café curtains I decided to knit for Alice in a moment of madness.

Take a look:

That represents, what, a week of knitting? Whenever my last post was. I hate it. The lace pattern is lovely, but the yarn I was using was crap and it frustrated the life out of me. There were 295 sts in a row, and almost every patterned row was off by at least one stitch when I got to the end. Invariably the mistake was at the beginning of the row, so I had to rip back almost all the way and do it again. Every second row. Gah.
Too much like hard work. I decided this morning it had to go. I frogged and then decided I'd wind it into a ball to use again later. I dug out the swift and proceeded to wind it back on. Yeah. Crappy yarn struck again, and all that came out of the centre was lump after lump after lump.
I ended up with this by the time I lost the head:
It has now found a new home in the bin. I hope it will be very happy with the peach stones (from a peach cobbler I made last night NOM), hair from hairbrushes and assorted other items of garbage that are really too good to associate with this lump of evil yarn. Buh bye, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!
So I now need to decide if I want to knit the damn curtains at all or go out and buy some. I feel like my mojo has taken a right beating this week. I need something to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside again. Ideas?
Nothing else has been knit this week. Except for about two 6 row repeats of this sock:
This is my Baby Fern Sock using the Wollmeise Pfefferminz Prinz that was rescued from the clutches of my nemesis, the evil Pomatomus sock pattern.
Although, I'm not sure I like the Nike-type arrow of green that seems to be emerging. Hmm. I doubt I'll dislike it enough to rip it back, though, I've had quite enough of frogs for one day.
Hubby's mother was taken in to hospital last weekend and hasn't been very well. More hospital dramaz! I feel like I should have a free parking pass in all Dublin hospitals at this stage. I know the inside of them by heart!
Anyway, Alice & I made her a card this morning:

Not bad, eh? In fairness I did more of the making while she did the important job of "Handing me stuff & making sure I cut straight". Sigh.
I went on a knitty outing this week too. I decided to go into the Wednesday morning meetup in Powerscourt Shopping Centre as A. was home from Spain for a week and had tweeted she was going to pop in. I haven't seen her since UK Ravelry Day in Coventry, UK, last year. So I packed my Fern Sock & Alice into the car & off we went. SheKnitUpThatBall & GaietyGirl (who had a big box of her lovely hand dyed yarn ready for delivery to ThisIsKnit. You can check her yarn out here)were there, too & we had a great chat about anything & everything as well as some yummy scones & coffee.
Of course I had to trade off with Alice. I ended up in H&M and buying her Hello Kitty clothes. A small price to pay for an hour or so of knitty fun. I really enjoyed it.

So, that's about it. Oh, one last thing I'm sure will give you a giggle.
I was trying to see if there were any other suitable yarns in my stash to re-commence the café curtains this morning when hubby came in to the kitchen.
"Whatcha doin?" he asked.
"Looking for replacement yarn" sez I.
"Oh, can I hel- WTF you have 169 stashed yarns???? And you want to buy more in the States this year? No way José!!!"
Shit. I've been rumbled.


sheknitupthat said...

ROFL @ the 'don't let the door hit you on the way out' - I had that with a skein of cotton once!

I would say to do the café curtains because the idea is lovely. Maybe pick a much more simple pattern though this time - a drop stitch one, or a yo/k2tog repeat, with a nice purly row?

Alrischa said...

LOL! What you need is a friend you can donate money to (along with a list) who will then buy you yarn (from your list) and give it to you for Christmas :D

Tara said...

Yeah, knitting curtains can be quite the undertaking. I've never attempted it myself, probably because I'm still getting over the lace tablecloth that took me TWO YEARS to make. Ugh.

Amanda (and Kevin by association) said...

Oh man!! I can't lie, I am positively drooling over that wad of tangled up yarn! If you need someone to unravel that mess, I (and I know it sounds crazy) enjoy untangling messes!

Just get me a radio tuned to NPR and I'm on it!