Thursday 9 December 2010

Hospice Goodies and a slip up

I know, I know, I'm posting far too much. I seem to be very chatty this week.

I had to post this though. Feast you eyes upon the loveliness!

The super wonderful SheKnitUpThatBall made these gorgeous cowls for the Hospice fair this weekend. I collected them today from ThisIsKnit on my lunch break.
Now, fair warning, these pictures in NO way do these works of fabulousness justice. You really should head over to her blog to see better ones.

First up, Wham Bam Thank You Lamb:

I love this one, so soft and cozy!

Next up, the Collar Cowl:

This pattern was made up out of her head. She's so clever!

Thirdly we have, Leaving On The Edge:

I think this one is probably my favourite. I'll have to get some bulky yarn and make one for myself.

Lastly we have Here Comes Treble:

This one drapes beautifully. And the colour is much nicer than this burnt out photo, it's a gorgeous mossy green.

Thanks so much, R! I know they're going to sell like hotcakes!

While I was in This Is Knit, I had a lovely chat with D and J. I've forgotten how nice it is to have a chat with knitty people. I loved it, and wish I could have stayed longer.
Alas, I had an accident while I was there. Things fell into my bag. Fell, I tells ya!
The first item to slip was a set of 4mm dpns. I did need these for the sleeves of hubbys jumper, so I suppose I can get away with that. They're KnitPicks Harmony dpns, yum.

Then this happened. I saw them and it was colour love at first sight.

Spud & Chloe sweater in the most gorgeous, spring like, two fingers to wintry darkness shades of yellow and turquoise. How could I leave them there? I think I'll make a hat, maybe, or a scarf? Hmm. All I know is it'll be nice to knit with to chase away the winter fugness.

Dads hospital appointment is tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed I'm just panicking and it's not bad news.

Good knitting!


Anonymous said...

I love the names for those cowls. They look super soft and squishy.

Praying for good news for your dad!

Knitrageous said...

Wow the cowls are great! Really will sell fast. And darn that magnetic yarn that keeps sticking to you! ha ha

Hope all is well with your dad.

If I've commented more than once on some's the computer. Yeah, that's it, the computer, not daffy old me! ;)

Alrischa said...

When yarn falls into your bag like that, it's just good manners to obligingly take it home. And they're very good anti-Winter colors, too, so it's almost medicinal...

craft-chick said...

You can never post too much! Love the fiber-y goodness!

Tara said...

I agree with craft-chick. You can't post TOO much, Sinéad. you can only post not enough :)