Monday 6 December 2010

Rip, and repeat

I was reminded of every shampoo bottle I've ever owned with this post title. Wash hair, rinse & repeat. Except in this case, it's knit sleeve, rip and repeat.
I got as far as 14 out of 18 inches done on this bugger when I decided I didn't like it and my chart was all wrong. The joys of making up your own designs. Anyway I looked & looked and consulted Twitter about it and finally admitted to myself that I should rip it back. If I didn't, I knew I'd look at it every time hubby wore it and hate myself.
So, rrrrrip I went!

This is the second effort. I'm almost back to where I was, so I've lost about 2 or 3 days knitting time on the jumper. I'm much happier.

While I was recovering from the upset of ripping, I decided a bit of instant gratification was in order.

An hour and a half later, I had a second Snowball Scarf. Can't get more instant than that! I loved the finished result of Alice's scarf so much I decided to knit one for two of my nieces for Christmas. They're 18 and 21. They'll like them, won't they? The other one I have is a kind of mottled beige & brown colour. You'll see it this weekend I'd say.

Also to cheer myself up after the sleeve-tastrophe, a little stash enhancement was in order.
Lidl had wool today, so I sent hubby in to get some for me:

This is a kind of russet colour, I think it's lovely.

This one is kind of camouflaged coloured.
It's 80% wool, 20% polyamide and €4.99 for the pack of 4 balls. That's enough for two pairs of socks! Excellent value.
Wasn't hubby great to get it for me?
Now all I have to do is find a way to tell him that one of the ladies in the knitting group also kindly got me 4 packs of other colours this morning. Oops. ;)

The other day hubby & Alice decided it was time to make a snowman with the mounds of snow in the garden. Here's the result:

He's all kitted out with handknits! A basketweave hat I made that's so big, it'd only fit, well, a snowman and a scarf I made ages ago. They had great fun making him. Although I think he looks like he's squatting. In preparation for? Use your imagination.

Alice also wanted to make a snow angel:

Spot the handknits in action - she has my Norwegian hat on, the wedge scarf and the gnome mittens (which are missing here).
She was so funny! She was squealing it was freezing cold, and wasn't pressing down hard enough with her arms to scrape the snow away. Although in her defence, the snow was so frozen it was more like crusty ice. Anyway, she gave it her best, and here's the result:

You can see she was really trying to press down, look at her butt mark in the snow! Too funny.
While they were having fun in the cold snow, I was in the warm kitchen making this:

Mmmm. Tea brack. The best thing in the world for breakfast. With butter. :)

Good knitting!


Averil said...

I'm so jealous of A! I want to make a snow angel! There's still no sign of snow here though it's been cold enough.

I had to laugh at your sock wool bonanza, I asked my mam to pop in to lidl too to pick up some of the chunky. I've barely touched the last packs of sock wool she got me.. Must knit faster!

sheknitupthat said...

Please pass on my huge compliments to the snow sculptors!

Julia said...

I know the frogging this well - I have a pair of socks I give up on. I started them way back in March as a project I could carry with me for appointments, travel, etc. I finally decided just to finish them once an for all. The problem? I remembered there was a glitch in the heel pattern and I figured it out - I just can't remember what it was! So the second sock has been frogged repeatedly, it's just no hope. I'm going to have to keep my eyes open for someone with uneven feet.

Máirín said...

Love the photos!

Tara said...

4 packs of other COLOURS, eh? Sounds like there's more than one? :)

Knitrageous said...

Love the snow angel and snow man! Maybe it will finally be winter here sometime soon! After all it is December...The yarn is yummy...but I don't make socks. I'd make something though! ;)

Knitrageous said...

I don't know what Tea brack is. Fruit bread of some sort? The snow angel looks fun! And the yarn is yummy!