Wednesday 27 April 2011

Lazy Days

I'm halfway through the second week of my holidays and feeling thoroughly chilled out. In fact, I'm blogging this in the garden on my iPad, so apologies if the photos come out a bit wonky!

I started on the Asphodel Lace runner for the piano, and am making good progress:

I'm actually enjoying this project. The yarn is so delicious, it would be hard not to! There's only a 6 row repeat, too, so it's easy enough to pick up and put down. We'll see how I feel about it after 50 something inches though! As with all lace, it doesn't look like much now, but once blocked I hope it will be much better.

I knew I couldn't bring this to knit night last night, so I decided to start a simpler project on Monday night to bring along.
I settled on an Iceling cardigan for one of the many pregnant people I know.

It's still in the early stages, but it's flying along. This is full of mods. The yarn called for in the pattern is Fyberspates Aran, which I don't have. In fact, I have very little Aran weight yarn in my stash at all. I had chosen the yarn I wanted to use before I settled on the pattern, actually. I'm using Sublime Baby Cashmere Silk DK, an absolutely scrumptious yarn. It's so soft, it's ridiculous. I used this before for Alice's communion cardigan and adored it. (This is actually the leftovers from that project.) So, I'm using DK weight yarn for an Aran project. I decided to knit the 12 month size stitch count, and use the 6 month size length guide. That should account for the gauge difference, I hope! We'll see how I get on.

A new knitter has sprung chez Knit, Inc! Alice finished her first ever project, a scarf:

Look at her, all clad in knitty wondrousness. Shes wearing the Good Stripe Dress I knit her forever ago which still fits great, a cardigan her Nana made and her new scarf. I'm very proud of her. It's a garter stitch scarf knit on huge broomstick like needles with super chunky yarn. According to her, using the big needles & chunky yarn made "all the difference". Whatever it took, I'm delighted she's taken to the craft. She knit this in no time, in fact I caught her knitting it in bed one night! That's my girl. :)

Not a lot else going on, I'm enjoying the sunshine that has decided to return today after an Easter weekend of greyness, and taking the opportunity to get lots of washing out on the line. Nothing like line dried clothes to make you feel fresh.

Oh, I found out last night that a sort of lys (about 30 mins drive) started a sale yesterday. I'm trying to remain strong. Trying.

Good knitting!


WorstedKnitt said...

Congrats to Alice on her scarf! Well done!
Love the runner, too. So pretty!

Anonymous said...

Oh, give in, Sinead, no need to be strong on our accounts, lol.

Yay, another knitter in the world -- go, Alice!

The baby sweater is so pretty and you are zooming along on the runner!

sheknitupthat said...

Gwan Alice! Tell her I said the scarf looks awesome!

Máirín said...

What a great photo of all those lovely knits by three different generations, being worn with style! Well done to Alice.