Saturday 30 April 2011

Sale Fever

I knew I wouldn't be able to resist. Who was I kidding, thinking I'd have the self-restraint to avoid a yarn sale?

I ventured over to Springwools yesterday, and came home €50 lighter. Here's what I bought:

Rowan Pure Wool DK, 6 skeins at just €1.95 each! Total bargain:

2 skeins of Studio Donegal Donegal Aran Tweed. I love this yarn, and the turquoise colour is fab. This wasn't on sale, but was still just €2.95 a skein:

This was on sale, though. Lang Jawoll Superwash sock yarn, just €2.95 a skein. I bought 2 greeen:

And 2 grey. Dad socks I think:

Alice got in on the act, too. She's becoming quite the yarn store browser! She painstakingly went through all the patterns for hats and decided on these.
First is a really cute bear/raccoon combo, for which I got her the yarn to make the raccoon hat:

I do think the pattern pictures are funny, showing a grown up wearing them, but still, she's really excited to try the raccoon. I have a bit of a sneaky feeling that I may well end up finishing it, but maybe I'm doing her an injustice. Her scarf was brilliant...

I also got her this pattern:

Great value, 2 hats, a scarf and wristwarmers, plus maximum usage of pom poms. She'll get plenty of use out of this I think.

So that was my sale purchases! Not too bad I think, and some great value. It was fun rooting through the store yesterday.

I have an FO too! I finished the Iceling Cardigan yesterday:

Pattern: Iceling by Carol Feller
Yarn: Sublime Baby Cashmere Silk DK, 2.5 skeins
Needles: 4mm Knit Picks Options & 4mm Knit Picks Harmony dpns

Like I said before, this is full of mods. I used DK weight instead of the recommended Aran, so I knit the 12 month stitch count and used the 6 month length measurements. I think it turned out nice, don't you? I'm not 100% sure what size baby it will fit, I'm hopeless at that sort of thing, but I think it would be maybe be newborn - 3 months?

I got some buttons yesterday for it too:

Not exactly what I wanted, but they were the best I could find. I really enjoyed this project, but I will admit that the garter stitch collar felt like it would never end! I think it's because it's the last part worked, and you think you're almost finished when you do it. Each row felt like forever, when it probably wasn't. It's lovely and snuggly though. The yarn is really lovely.

So that's yer lot! It's another bank holiday weekend here, and then back to work on Tuesday. Boo. It all went by so quickly.

Good knitting!


Louellen Lawson said...

How does the sweater look ON? :)

Lien said...

What a haul!

I have the Jawoll in that exact colour! Well, I *had* it- it's been turned into a pair of Bayerisches. Lovely to work with and knit up.

WorstedKnitt said...

I love that sweater, and the buttons look like little pieces of ice - very good for Iceland :)

spinndiva said...

Love all the yarn! :)

Knitrageous said...

Great score! What have you started? ;)

Zita said...

Hi Sinead, thanks so much for stopping by the other day - glad you're pleased with your sale swag! I love how Alice has caught the knitting bug - what a cool kid :-)

del said...

I think those buttons are perfect. Just delicate and pretty.

All your yarn purchases are great. I can't wait to see Alice's new hat!

Tara said...

Silly woman, walking into a yarn store when they're having a sale. Might as well paint a bullseye on your wallet! lol