Thursday 18 August 2011

Another Yarn Store Outing

Yesterday, The Dublin Knit Collective and I ventured out to meet Doogarry in The Yarn Room. I loved this store the last time I visited and I had heard that they'd moved to new larger premises recently, so naturally I jumped at the chance to go. It's about an hours drive from my house, so not too far.

What a pretty shopfront! The sun came out to greet us as we arrived.

Aren't the crocheted window flowers fab?

Inside the store there's a lovely comfy area to sit, knit and soak in all the yarn fumes.

There are literally TONS of goodies in this shop. Here's just a sample of what was on display:

Everywhere I looked I kept finding more yummy yarn, notions and unusual things like this:

Wrapping paper, made from recycled sheep poo! I just had to buy some. They also do greeting cards from the same source:

I also bought some more stash. I know, I know, I need to seek some help for my addiction, but this stuff was so cheap I just couldn't leave it there.

Austermann Merino Lace. In black. I must be off my trolley. BUT, it's so soft and so reasonable! These two skeins contain 764 yards for less than €10. Sorry about the superfluous tea towel in the background, there. Blame my lack of photo proofing.

I also bought this:

Yum Icelandic laceweight in a gorgeous shade of gold/mustard. 546 yards of scrum for something like €7.95. Just fab.

Now to find something to make with it all!

I must say this is a really great store, packed to the rafters with great fibres for knitting, crochet, spinning & weaving. A birdie told me they will shortly be stocking fabric too. Classes are available in all of the above crafts too and they have a great knit night every Thursday evening.

I definitely won't be leaving it so long again until I go.

My knitty travels continue. Tomorrow hubby, Alice & I are heading down to Cork for a few days break. On Saturday, a lovely knitter, WrapNTurn (Twitter Link) is graciously hosting a FibreFeis™ for all manner of crafty people to come along and camp on her land if we want, and a BBQ on Saturday night. There'll be spinning, knitting, crochet, etc etc. Can't wait! Although I won't be camping, I will be there on Saturday morning with bells on. It's going to be GREAT!


craft-chick said...

Super cute shop! Thanks for sharing!

Knitrageous said...

Another great road trip! I love the flowers too. And the knitting 'nook' looks so inviting! Good scores...I think...made of poop! ha ha

Nic said...

Yeah, I just knew that the sheep poo paper would get you, not to mention the yarn!

Next time make it a Saturday morning, eh?

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Wow ! What a nice little creative shop. Good thing you had your camera. So you bought the recycled sheep-poo stationary... Tell me, does it have an order ? I like the yarns you've chosen, especially the black one.