Saturday 27 August 2011

Taking fugly to a new level

I'm sure you're all aware of this yarn:
Rico Can-Can. If you're not, then I envy you. This stuff has been taking the knitting world "by storm" recently. And by "storm", I mean not in a good way. It truly is evil stuff. But ladies of a certain demographic seem to love it. It produces a ruffle effect, and is mostly used for scarves like this:
Mm. Isn't is classy? Can't you see youself wearing this to all the hottest parties hosted by the Ambassador, or to the first night at the opera? Yeah. This is what the word fugly was invented for. Not a nice word, but apt all the same.

So how come I ended up with some in my stash? Granted it's not the real thing, but it the same thing. I have no idea what came over me the day I bought it. I call it "Only a fiver" syndrome. You know, when something is so cheap (e.g. only €5) that you just can't not buy it. It stank up my stash for a while as I tried to pretend it wasn't there. I should have gifted it to a charity shop I guess, but somehow I didn't, which worries me. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I was heading out to knit night and I had nothing I could bring with me. My Aeolian shawl is too complicated to knit while chatting, and I had no socks on the go (gasp). So I ran upstairs, opened the woolrobe and stuck my hand in. This is what came out. What could I do.

I cast on 9 sts and got going. It's a fiddly mother to knit with, let me tell you! Here's a link to a YouTube video on how to knit with it. I finished this in my Mam & Dads this morning, and my Mam went positively nuts for it! Bless her heart she thought it was only gorgeous. So I've decided to give it to her for her birthday in October.

As you can see, Alice has taken quite a shine to it too and has begged me to make one for her. Jeeze Louise, I have to make another one??? *sigh* A mothers lot is never an easy one. I have two more balls of it left, so I suppose I'll just look on it as stashbusting.

In other, more respectable knitty news, I cast on for a cardigan last week to go with my new dress.

The pattern is Decimal, from Knitty Spring 2009. I'm using some teal cotton I got recently for it. I think it's coming along nicely!

I also picked up my Ethereal top again. This one is going on too long for my liking. I'm about 75% done on one sleeve with one more to do then I'm done. I hope to have this finished soon. I'm also halfway through my Aeolian shawl. I've finished the main part and am ready to start the edging. According to the designer it uses 45% of the total yarn and I have half left so I'm good to go on the full edging version.

I'd like to have them both finished in time for this. This Is Knit is doing a yarn tasting and hosting the launch of Carol Feller's fantastic new book, Contemporary Irish Knits on Sept 8th. That's 12 days away. Hmm. Maybe I won't get the shawl done., but I really hope to have Ethereal done. I'd love to wear it to the party!

In sad news, my 6 weeks of bliss are over all too soon. Back to work on Monday. I haz a sad.

Good knitting!


yardsailor said...

I do have to agree with the fugly, everyone over here, Massachusetts/Rhode Island area of the US are buying this stuff left and right, so far I have been able to resist, now I am keeping my fingers crossed my cousin does not knit me up a scarf with it, she thinks its gorgeous!! YIkes

Maryl said...

These scarves or ones similar are for sale in Kilkenny Design at 50 euros a pop!! Handknit in Ireland!

Sorry to hear that your knitting holiday has come to an end. Hope your return to work is not too stressful.

Mairin said...

I totally agree with you about the fugly scarf. What on earth do people see in it?! Mind you I hate ruffles so much I used to refuse to hold my baby sister when she had a particular frilly dress on.

Alrischa said...

"In other more respectable news..." LOL

The teal cotton knitting is very very respectable :) hehe

Tara said...

Ugh... it may not be fun fur, but it's awfully darn close, isn't it? Gaaaah. Die, novelty yarns, diiiiiiiieeee!!!!! LOL