Wednesday 5 September 2007

Progress Posts

Time for some progress updates.

My Retro Redux Shrug:

This is knitting up lovely and really quickly! I find the pattern repeat really easy to remember, and the yarn is lovely and soft. I don't think it will go with the top I bought, but it's still a lovely knit that I think would be really nice with a white top and a pair of jeans. I made the ribbing shorter at the cuff by about 1 1/2" as I am a bit nervous I won't have enough yarn to finish it.
My Premiere Pullover:
Another nice knit, but I find the first pattern row really difficult to remember for some strange reason. I keep going wrong on that row! I have kind of abandoned this in favour of the Shrug just because I want to get the shrug done before I go on holidays. But, at the rate the shrug is knitting up I should be back to this in no time.
Nothing really to post on the Summertime Tunic, I've only got about 3 rounds done since I had to rip it back due to it's huge size first time round.
The knitting club was great last night, about 10 turned up and there were some new faces too. It looks like this is going to bed down nicely and turn into a good group!
I also got rid of the evil yarn from hell last night. I gave it to one of the ladies in the group for free. I was so delighted to see it go I almost did a happy dance! I really detested that yarn.
P.S. Lumia (I hope I spelled this right) I have your book that you left behind last night. I'll bring it along for you next week.