Saturday 26 July 2008

Edge of my Reason (or skein winding 101)

Yay I'm on holidays! Two whole weeks of no work. Cool. Lots of time for knitting then? well, no not really.
I was hijacked into going along with my parents to a hotel for four days from tomorrow. Yep, I found out a 4pm that I've to bring them and my 7 year old daughter away for four days. Panic? Oh yes.

I began with wondering what I could bring to knit. (I have my priorities straight you know).
Would this do?

This is my second attempt at a baby cardigan for my niece. It's the Dragon Skin Wrap from IK Holiday 2007. Nice pattern, but the decreasing is really confusing. Hence the lifeline before the decreases began. Once bitten, twice shy! ;)

The first attempt:

Matinee Jacket from a really old Patons baby book. I knit the 6-12 month size, and it's teeny! It'd barely fit a newborn I think. Plus, the picot edging took FOREVER!!!! Never again. I think this will be donated to my daughter's teddy.

Anyway, back on topic! The dragon skin wrap would be too complicated, so there's my Montego Bay Scarf, and then for my second item (a girl can't only bring one away) I think I'll cast on for a pair of embossed leaves socks.

I have this skein of yummy Dream in Color Smooshy:

mmmm I bought this last year on holidays in Florida. mmmmm peachy
Ok, I thought. I'll wind this into a ball using my faboo swift and ball winder and I'll be all set. So, I put it onto the swift, and wound it up. It was huge! There must be lots of yardage in this I mused. I know, I thought, I'll split it into two balls, and then maybe I can give 2 at a time socks another go! So, I wound half of it back onto the swift and then disaster struck. I decided in my infinite wisdom to weigh the yarn on the swift. Why, oh why?
The half ball on the scales after I wound half back onto the swift.
What was wound onto the swift when I removed it to weigh it. A HUGE mass of tangles.
Three hours later:
Two lovely balls for sock making. I swear, this yarn better make some gorgeous socks after all that hassle! 3 hours of non stop detangling. I was ready to burst with frustration. I then had to pack for the two of us and go up to my parents and pack my Mam's stuff too!
I am ready to drop.
So, I hope this break is relaxing (yeah right), at least that my mother has a good few days and that the weather is nice enough to hit the beach. I will also do my damndest to find a yarn shop down there too!


WorstedKnitt said...

Oh my, that sock yarn isn lovely, but really didn't behave itself while winding :D I hope it turns out as something gorgeous for all your bother!

Tara said...

Happy Holidays! Odds are you're back home now, but I'm a bit behind in my blog reading. Nice sock yarn! I love DIC, and I knit a pair of embossed leaves last summer. It's a great pattern.