Sunday 6 July 2008

ssh.. hangover alert

O.M.G. I have the hangover from hell. Every click of the keyboard as I type this is agony. All self inflicted I hear you cry (ssh!) but every once in a while is ok to let you hair down. No? It was my anniversary party after all. We were 10 years married on July 4. I finished the Medallion Top at 11pm on Friday night just in time for the party yesterday.

I must say I'm delighted with it.

Pattern: Medallion Top from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer '08
Size: 48" bust
Yarn: Debblie Bliss Prima, 14 skeins
I have about a yard of yarn left over. I was sweating sewing it together in case I ran out! Talk about a close call, I really hope I never need to do any repairs!
I know the photos are really bad, but it was late at night and I was a bit delerious with joy that I had actually finished it. With a white blouse underneath it looks much more flattering to the boobage. I wore it for the party yesterday and the knitty mother and sister in law both complimented me, so job done!

My next project I think is an afghan for friends of mine who are getting married in October. They are one of those couples who have everything that are impossible to buy for, so I think a lovely afghan from Nicky Epsteins book (the one I made the christening afghan from) might be in order. We'll see.

I promised last post that I'd put up some pictures from the Oireachtas Family Fun day, so here goes:
This is the Dáil (government) Chamber. Where all the arguments take place and sometimes some work is done lol
This is the Seand (senate) chamber. Much smaller than I imagined!
This is the ceiling in the Seanad chamber. Isn't it gorgeous?
This is the flag that JFK presented to the Irish people during his visit in June 1963. It's the banner flag of the Irish battalions from the American Civil War. Just amazing.

There were acrobats outside...
And some food! This one is a bit of an insider joke for all you fans of the West Wing. Leo McGarry (John Spencer RIP) once said on the show "There are two things you never want to see made, laws & sausages!" Well, I went to the place where the laws were made, and out the back they were cooking sausages! How could I resist taking the photo!


Jagienka said...

... 10 years ... congratulations! uuuppsss.. sorry... I'll be quiet now ;o)

shhhhh... i'm liking the sweater, too

Tara said...

The sweater is beautiful, congratulations! *Sigh* I miss the West Wing, it was a really good show (before Aaron Sorkin left, that is).