Friday 17 October 2008

Cheshire Cat

I feel like the cat that's opened the cream fridge, found the large tub of cream and swallowed it all down in one gulp!

I hit the Wollmeise shop this morning and got these:

Pfefferminz Prinz medium

Red Hot Chili Medium

I had been lurking (stalking) arount the Wollmeise site knowing an update was on the way today.
I am such an advertising sucker. I never thought I was, but I have been totally sucked into the hype surrounding this dyer. I was actually squeeing (if that's a valid word) when I clicked the checkout button ordering these. I am thinking another try at the Pomatomus socks for the peppermint one and I'm unsure about the Chili one.
I also swore I wasn't buying anything before the holidays, but I figure I better get them while I can!

Not much other knitting news really, I had to totally rip back the Garter Rib sock for Dad, as the rib wasn't lined up properly on the instep. It looked really weird. So, I'm back at the point where I ripped originally, about halfway down the first foot. Slow but steady my friends, always wins the race eventually.

I doubt I'll get much more done before I go as I've a wedding to go to tomorrow, my parents to bring to the train station on Sunday (as well as dealing with a hangover no doubt), a house to clean before we go and packing to be done too! I've also got to wind the yarn for my plane socks and cast on the first few rows to get me started.

It's amazing how knowing you're going away makes getting up in the morning easier. This morning I bounced (not literally of course!) out of the bed with a happy grin saying this is the last Friday I have to get up!!

Happy weekend everyone!


Jagienka said...

Whaaatttt??? so you're not coming to Galway this weekend?
I was sure hoping to meet you there ;o/
I guess there will have to be another mad-knitters weekend in Galway!

Anonymous said...

I've heard so much about this yarn, I'm glad you were able to get some!

dmaxi said...

Great - good for you! It's the early bird and all that. Is your F5 button a little worn down by now?

Good luck with getting your plane knitting organised. Looking forward to seeing it developing. When are you off?

Tara said...

You scored some Wollmeise??? Sweet! I've got one skein of this yarn (from the Digitessa kit), and it's still too precious to knit up!