Wednesday 22 October 2008


I am so hyper it's unbelievable. I am sitting at my desk, starting my last day at work before my holidays! whee! I don't think there's going to be a wink of sleep had tonight...
I have my knit picks basket filled and ready to checkout today when I get home to make sure it arrives when I'm there. I am a bit stuck on other yarns to get this year though. Without a specific project in mind, it's a bit hard to know quantities either, so I may have to wing it a bit when I hit the lys(s).

I've no pics today, but project progress:

Garter Rib Sock - one down one to go. I finished the first one last night
Crochet Tea Cosy - my class practice piece is done. The instructor is going to wad and line it for me.
I have cast on for the Hourglass Socks for the plane. Just a round or two done, enough to get past the fiddly first stage when needles are likely to fall off and roll under the seat in front and my nice and skinny daughter has to go scrambling to retrieve them.
I have begun a crochet scarf for the class now. I've no idea how it's going to turn out, I'm just going to try lots of different stitches out.

On a side note, the things we women do for vanity (and laziness in this case). I got my legs waxed last night so that I wouldn't have to shave on holidays. OWIE. I've had them done before and no biggie, but this time it was really sore. I have hairy toes. So, I'm sure do a few others (humour me that I'm not bigfoot). Getting them waxed is SORE. 'nuff said. Last night in bed they were still throbbing like a Looney Tunes cartoon hand after it gets hit with a hammer. But, I'll have shiny legs on holidays! yep. It's worth it.

I doubt I'll get any blogging in over there, but you never know. If not, sayonara!


Bionic Laura said...

Hope you have a lovely holiday, it's always so exciting the day before. Make sure to buy loads of fabulous yarn so you can make us all jealous when you get back!

knititch said...

have a lovely holiday, sinead.

yes waxing does hurt a bit.

del said...

I hope you have a fabulous time!

I'm too chicken to wax, I'd just have to drag my razor along, I guess, lol!

Averil said...

Have a lovely holiday! I hope you find plenty of time to relax. Don´t forget to endulge us with photos of your stash enhancement when you get back.

Tara said...

Two words: armpit waxing. You don't KNOW from sore!

Have a super holiday. :)

dmaxi said...

Have a brilliant time. Hope it's really relaxing and you get lots of knitting done. I'm so jealous of you getting a knit-picks order.


Sharon said...

Girl, try a brazilian. Hot wax near your nethermost region? Yeah, 'nuff said.

Enjoy your holiday!