Tuesday 7 October 2008

Cinders goes to the ball blind drunk

Oh my it has been a while hasn't it? Things have just been mental chez moi recently.
For some reason I haven't gotten much knitting done, I am beginning to fear that my mojo may also be going on vacation and I'm desperately trying to keep it here with me!
I think that this may be to blame for mojo's walkout:

Zombie no face upsy daisy Cinders:
This is posh Cinders blindly making her way to the ball

This is scrubber Cinders blindly trying to find the mop and bucket.

This is schizo Cinders blindly trying to decide who she is today.

Pattern: Cinderella Topsy-Turvy Doll (Ravlink) by Jean Greenhowe
Yarn: Scraps of DK acrylic
Needles: 3.25mm
As I'm sure you have noticed, Cinders has no poor or posh face. That would be because her creator can't sew for crap. I have tried several times to make a face and it was scarily trash can whore looking (not at all suitable for a 7 year old) so I ripped her face off and tried again. I think I enjoyed that part more than Cinders did. After much swearing I decided to put her face in timeout until I can come up with a more suitable method for facial reconstruction surgery. Any plastic surgeons out there can help?

Who told me that knitting toys was fun? Tara, you were right, I don't know what came over me. I promise never to err again.

In other news, my crochet progresses. Apparently I'm making a tea cozy as my first class project. My instructor says that by the time I've finished it I'll know every crochet stitch. Goody. This is the first side finished. it's all trebles. Apparently I'll be introducing another colour on the second side tonight. The excitement! I'm not really feeling the love for it I must say and I wonder if it's another reason that mojo is trying to sneak out the back door - feeling jealous maybe?

I need to buy mojo a present I think. Presents always make everything better. If only mojo would hang on for 16 more days, then mojo could have their pick of pressies from a Florida LYS!

I need a cake recipe for Mam's birthday cake this Saturday. I was thinking of maybe a nice buttercream sponge cake with jam in the middle or maybe a nice cream flan with strawberries on top? mmmm cake


Nicola said...

Absolutely hysterical. Thanks for the laugh - I nearly fell off my chair. This is without a doubt the funniest blog post in the history of the world. I swear.

As a thank you I'll have a go at the faces for you if you like. Alternatively, maybe buttons or little felt eyes fixed with 1 stitch in the same or a contrasting colour perhaps?

Tara said...

I admit, blind posh/scrubbers/schizo Cinders may have caused me to shoot coffee out my nose this morning. Too funny.

I hear you on the toys. I just don't get it (but I think you did a bang up job). That being said, I bought a frog slipper crochet pattern that has definite toy elements to it, so maybe I'll see the light after that project.

Your crochet looks good!

Bionic Laura said...

That's so funny, poor blind Cinders! I have some safety eyes if you like but they may be too big for Cinders. She'll end up looking like Zombie Cinders which probably isn't what you were going for...

The crochet looks nice. Give it a chance, I hated crochet when I learned it first but I love it now. It's so fast.

Alrischa said...

Oh, I want one... I mean, for my girl, of course... I must make one!

(I'm partial to psycho Cinders. I think I relate.)

heather said...

I love the topsy-turvy doll. i also find them kinda creepy in a "what the heck is that under my skirt" kinda way.

i know what you mean about face-ripping it's demoralizing.

this is a wacky idea, but you can take a photo of the face, bring it into your computer-and use paint or photoshop to draw on the face- and plan how you want it to look. when you zoom in, then you'll see stitch-for-stitch where to place the parts.

i posted some info about it here: