Tuesday 2 December 2008

Dilemma, Secret Pal and a HUGE mess

I know, I know, I haven't been around, but I've been desperately trying to get some knitting done!

I finally finished Dad's Garter Rib Socks on Sunday after solidly knitting on them all day.

Pattern: Garter Rib Socks from Sensational Knitted Socks
Yarn: Sirdar Town & Country Sock yarn
Needles: 2.75mm dpns

I tell you, I will never knit these dudes again. For such a simple pattern they have given me hell all the way through. From stitch counts to unbalanced ribbing after doing the heel to just plain mistakes I have redone these socks 3 times. I tell you, my Dad better love these babies for Christmas!

So my hourglass socks have hit the wayside and will stay there I think until after Christmas. Just no time for them I'm afraid. Still, I'll enjoy them all the more when I get back to them.

Alice's communion crochet cardigan is coming along very slowly. I've decreased to the first shoulder and need to do the same for the second and then do the back. Once those are done I need to figure out how to do set in sleeves. I dunno if I'll ever get it done as I can't attend the last class of the course tonight. Hubby has school Parents Association meeting and i can't bring Alice to the class. So, it's with a very heavy heart that I'm going to go back to my knitting girls again instead. Woohoo!!! I've really missed them I have to say. Plus, becuase it's in a coffee shop I can bring Alice. Can't wait to catch up on all the gossip!

Right, on to the dilemma. My Mam's hairdresser in in the same crochet class as me. The week before last she was admiring my beautiful handmade socks (snigger) and of course I lapped up the praise. Last week, she came over to me and asked if I could knit a pair for her daughter for Christmas! hahahahaha. I tried my best to be polite in my refusal, saying that I had to finish Dad's socks, hubbys jumper and the crochet cardigan and I really didn't think I'd have the time. Her reply? "Sure that's ok, I can give them to her after Christmas if they're not ready"!!! I nearly choked to be honest. No mention of money for the yarn, not even I'll give your Mam a free hairdo. Plus, there's not a snowballs chance in hell that they'll be done.

What should I do? I don't want to piss her off too much in case she says anything to my Mam or dyes her hair orange or something.

Next up is Secret Pal time. This is my first one, and it's organised by the brilliant dmaxi from the Irish Knitters group. I won't say too much about my swap pal, but I'm having fun shopping for her. Have you done pals before? What did you get them? I'm a bit stuck for small things to put into the parcel.

Lastly, the disaster. I saved this for last as it's a doozy. Put down coffee in case of spillage.
Hubbys jumper? Have a look:

Remember Sesame Street? What's wrong with this picture? Have a guess.

It looks like I'm progressing nicely no? ummm no. In my infinite wisdom and all fired up by Elizabeth Zimmerman, I converted this baby into a seamless all in one sweater. No biggie, I recalculated the pattern and off I went. Except....

On either side under the arms there a band of ribbing instead of the cable pattern. Grand I said, and put the ribbing at the beginning of the round, then the pattern and then the other ribbing. See what I did wrong? Yep, that means I have one large band of ribbing where the beginning and end of the rounds meet and all pattern the rest of the way. The pattern now goes under one armpit, or there's a big band of ribbing all up the back.


I only copped this at the end of Bones last night. Hubby nearly fell out of the chair at my outburst of ****! and other juicy tidbits. When I explained my problem he dissolved into fits of laughter. He'd seen me knitting like a lunatic all week and knew how much I wanted this done for Christmas. And he laughs! At my face, he says. yeah. I was nearly crying I was so annoyed at myself for being so stupid and then at him for being such a meanie. I think he's getting coal this year instead of a jumper.

So, it's off to the frog pond with me and some more sums. A weeks frantic work wasted!
boo hoo.


Laura said...

Tell the hairdresser you'd really love to help her out, but you won't be able to knit anything else till at least February b/c you have other crafty stuff in a queue. You could suggest that if she wants to give handknitted socks, perhaps someone else could be hired via Rav to do it for her. (Suggesting hiring someone makes it clear that payment is expected!)

As for small treats, well little Xmas ornaments, sweets, stitch markers, tiny soaps, etc. Reminds me, I must get on and shop for my pal!

Anonymous said...

Oh no!!! Maybe you can give gift cards this year? lol.

I can't believe the hairdresser, though!

Averil said...

How cheeky!!

As for the small stuff I agree with Laura, but it could also be buttons or something the person likes/ collects e.g postcards, magnets or even tea.

I´m still thinking of stuff for my secret pal, though I have had a look in my LYS. I think I need to venture further a field.

Tara said...

Oh No!!!! I probably would have made the exact same mistake, you know, if that makes you feel any better. I hope knit night took the edge off a little bit.

Alrischa said...

Make your hubby learn to knit, knit one garter stitch scarf, and then rip it out. He'll never laugh at frogging again. Ü

Have you already said yes to the hairdresser? If you have, go buy her some stripey socks from a shop. hehe. If not, offer to teach her to knit the socks herself. Maybe then she'll appreciate the price of wool and the hours it takes to knit that many thousand stitches.

Viola said...

Oh no! But... I like Alrischa's idea about making your hubby learn to knit!

I'm having similar difficulties with the socks I'm making for my Mum - I've knit the heels 6 times now. I appear to have lost my sock-knitting skills.

I'm having a total blank about stuff for my secret pal. I'm hoping that my next visit to my LYS will unlock the floodgates of inspiration... :)

dmaxi said...

Re hubby's jumper - I get what you're describing but I can't see it in the picture. I say don't frog - it's a design feature! As long as it's consistant all the way up who's going to argue with you. More important that it fits him well.

Re the Hairdresser. Do nothing, say nothing until she raises it again. Then, have a long conversation with her about what type of sock yarn her daughter would like, go into great detail about what's available, range of budget, wool types, patterns etc. Expand upon the various techniques; debate the pros and cons of tubes w/ after thought heels vs re-inforced heels being good for kid. Bamboozle her and bore her with the science and choice of it all and chances are she'll never mention it again ;-)

Well done on your Secret Pal package - you really spoiled her!


JoanM said...

Hi Sinead,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was a bit stunned to get a comment so soon as I haven't posted for months and have lost touch with other bloggers. The vest pattern is from an old book, but I could tell you which cables they were (bad photo I'm sorry).

Hope you were able to suit the hairdresser. People have no idea what is involved with handcrafts. I empathise with about hubby's sweater. We all get disasters.