Friday 19 December 2008

SOS Calling all knitters

Calling all knitters!

I am in an awful bind!
Dylan Goes Electric has gone all wrong. Everything went tickety boo up to the joining of the sleeves to the body and I thought I was great.
I looked at EZ's different methods of completing the yoke and as this is a cable pattern I decided the saddle shoulder would be the easiest and keep more of the cable pattern on the front of the body.

Well, I followed the instructions but the sweater came out all wrong! It has eaten up loads of the body and I have another 20 rounds to go before beginning the neck and it's already up to his chin!

It is a big sized sweater (50") but in order to get to his shoulder measurement (19") requires 35 rounds of the body decreases, 20 rounds of the sleeve decreases and another 10 rounds of body decreases before the neck.
Am I doing something wrong, or should I rip back to the sleeve joins and do a yoke instead? Could I do this with the cabled body? How would I do the decreases without screwing up the cable pattern?

Desperately in need of help, so all replies greatly appreciated!
Here are some pics:

I wouldn't mind but I've wasted about two days of frantic all day knitting... I know these things make us better knitters, but did it have to happen now?
Apart from the yoke disaster, the rest of the sweater fits him perfectly though, so I should take some small consolation from that I guess.


knititch said...

i am not quite sure which kind of yoke this is. but if it is a raglan the decreases should be evenly distributed and if you are making saddles you decrease for a while. then work straight for a while and the decrease for a while. this is not meticuously explained but maybe i could be of better help if you explain more thouroughly. it looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

So sorry! I'm no sweater expert at all, so I have no advice, just sympathy. I hope you get it all worked out because you've worked so hard on it. Good luck!!

Tara said...

Gah! I'm an inexperienced sweater knitter, I've never knit an EZ pattern, and I wouldn't know a saddle shoulder if it bit me in the arse. Did that help?