Tuesday 30 December 2008

In between post

In between the last post and my New Years Resolutions post, I'll stick this one.

I've finished the Hourglass Socks:
Pattern: Hourglass Socks from Knitty, Fall 08
Needles: 2.5mm dpns
Yarn: Brown Sheep Nature Spun Fingering, just over 1 skein
I love these now that they are finished. They were an interesting knit, but just a tad on the difficult side to stop them being tv knitting. I think they look great. I loved the yarn too, although I'll have to see how they hold up to washing and wearing, having no nylon in them.
Isn't the pattern lovely?
Those sock blockers annoy me every time I look at them. This is only the second time I've put a sock on them and they've never been used for wet socks, as they're too bloody small. I wish I could swap them with someone for a medium set, $23.95 down the drain...

I now have nothing on the needles except the dreaded Pi Shawl which I am really only putting off ripping. Lace is not really my thing. Maybe I'll try again some other time.
So, now, what do I knit? I have tons of yarn, lots of lovely pattern books and magazines, but I can't decide what to knit! It's not on, really it's not. Hopefully inspiration will strike soon.

Oh, if you fancy picking up some magazines, I have some for sale or trade on Ravelry here. I really don't want much for them, maybe some yarn as a swap or something.
That's all for now, going to think up some resolutions and I'll be back!


knititch said...

oh yes they are lovely. so sweet and retro.

Alrischa said...

I bet you know someone "handy" who could use your sockblockers as a template to make you some bigger ones. Or you could wrap electrical tape around them until they grow up a size Ü lol

What about the good old Clapotis? That's cute, and probably good TV knitting, too.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! Maybe you could swap those sock blockers for a bigger size. With all the crafty folk on Ravelry, someone out there must have a medium set they're willing to trade.

Tara said...

Congrats on the socks! Whatever you decide to cast on next, may I suggest it be for YOU?

Anonymous said...

Lovely socks!