Thursday 5 February 2009

Round and round

Round and round the sweater goes, where it will stop, nobody knows!
*yawn* so boring, 250 stitches of stockinette banality.

All that stringy action at the bottom looks a bit of a mess, doesn't it? Yeah well my long tail cast on can sometimes get a bit carried away with itself and I end up with large amounts of yarn left over. But, I'm not starting again to do 250 stitches! So, there it hangs.

I've decided to follow Elizabeth Zimmermanns Seamless Yoke Sweater using the EPS (Elizabeth Percentage System). I've been dying to try the yoke sweater for ages. John's last sweater was almost a yoke one, except for the yoke lol. That ended up being a saddle shoulder.

So, any suggestions of how to spend my time whilst knitting this sucker most appreciated. I can't complain, I know, because hubby has actually asked for this, but can't I whine here, just a little bit?

yay, thanks! I knew you'd understand.

Whine #1:
It's acrylic. *shudder* Now I know acrylic has its place in the knitting world, but not for a mans huge sweater! It's burning my fingers as I knit and gets a bit squeaky after a while. He refuses to wear wool and I'm still amazed he wears the last one at all, Cascade Sierra is 80% cotton, 20% merino and as soon as he put it on he said "There's wool in this". Bloody princess and pea stuff.

Whine #2:
It's soooo boring. When I begged him to let me put some sort of pattern in it, he replied, ok, put some ribbing at the bottom. aaaargh.

Nothing knit on the Jaywalkers, afraid that if I knit on something else I'll never go back to the sweater.

I didn't get to SnB on Tuesday night, and I really missed it. Here's why:

Snow! Lots of snow! Traffic was chaos, everything ground to a halt. Not that it takes much for traffic chaos in my "wonderful" city.
Now I know you readers will look at this and say "phhht, that's not snow, the several feet outside my window is snow", but in Ireland this is a big deal. Snow is very rare, it's nearly always rain.

As you can see, Alice thoroughly enjoyed it. May I present Mr. Snow. Yes, he has carrot teeth and eyes. Give me a break, supplies for snowman faces are not something I would have on hand. I had to slice it up to make teeth. I must say, looking at it in the dark through the window it's a bit evil looking! (Cue Psycho knife music)

Gotta love his hat Alice made. Reminds me of a cartoon character, Aunt Flo, from a show called Bod that was on when I was a kid:

See the resemblance?
She had a ball making it and then disappeared with the neighbourhood kids to make a fort.

Sadly when we got up next morning we found that a junk mail delivery person had very kindly kicked Mr Snows head off. Wasn't that nice of them?


Tara said...

That's not snow!!!! I'll SHOW you snow. Alice would love it! I'm thinking you probably wouldn't.

As for what to do to keep from impaling yourself on your needles while knitting this acrylic monster? (acrylic... shudder) You need some kind of incentive program, a reward for completing, say, 5 rounds? Like chocolate, or working on another project...

Lien said...

Right now, I'd kill for something that's just plain stockinette. Honestly, where did I get the idea that knitting should be "challenging"?

Alrischa said...

All the snow in your part of the world has been on our news here every day. Snow over there, floods in Queensland and a heat wave here.

What is it with men and plain stocking stitch sweaters? There's an Aussie knitter called David Reidy who does a podcast, and he says all men are the same. No pattern. No frills. Not even a teensy bit of moss stitch. Just 50,000 stitches, round and round.

Stocking stitch is great for tready knitting Ü but you might trip over your caston end. hehe. I have no idea how to do LT castons. Can't you just snip it off?

Maybe you could break up the boredom by teaching yourself continental. Or do you already knit that way?

My hubby is the same with wool content! I knit him a nice merino hat, and I hat to "ruin it" by knitting an acrylic lining so he would wear it. And last night, when I was knitting a "hat" he felt the yarn and said, "ergh... there's wool in that". LOL!