Saturday 28 February 2009

I love the weekend

Shh. Can you hear that? It's the sound of Saturday morning. Peace & quiet. Ah, bliss.
I love the weekend. Get up when you want, stay in pyjamas if you want. At least that's what I tell myself.

Look what I got in the post yesterday:

A ball of Tivoli Classical DK! I had forgotten all about this. The lovely Jagienka had a competition recently on her blog (check it out btw, she's a great crafter) and I won!
Thank you!

Now that "the sweater" is done, I can finally start my Clapotis!

Here it is after the first increase section. Aren't the colours of the yarn just amazing? I hope I don't run out of yarn. I wonder should I have done less increases? Ah sure we'll see how I get on I suppose.

No other news really, it's John's and his sisters birthday tomorrow so we're all off out for a Thai tonight. I love this restaurant, their Pad Thai is just delicious. It's Alice's favourite place too; she loves the seafood wonton starter. And John loves the Red Curry, so everyone is happy.

Enjoy your weekends!


WorstedKnitt said...

That Clapotis looks great! I will start on mine next month, I hope!

Jagienka said...

Glad to see the yarn arrived safely! It took me a while to get to the post office, uppsss... I'm usually more organized. But at least, since everyone has already forgotten about this give away, the appearance of yarn on the doorsteps was a surprise ;o)

knitting it up said...

It looks like it's on fire! Love it :)

Tara said...

I love the look of your Clapotis! It's going to be awesome. And I'm jealous of your relaxed weekends. I'll get there eventually, I suppose!