Friday 21 August 2009

Oh Happy Day!

I'm so happy, I'd knock a happy clown over with my happy dance.
Mam got a home help!!!!!!!!!! The health board lady came today and she was really nice. It's initially going to start with once a week for two hours and she's going to clean the kitchen, bathroom and hoover. Fair play to her if she can get all that done in 2 hours! It's a start, and I'm overcome with happiness. At last! Hopefully this will take some of the strain off Dad.
Knitting has been a little slow chez moi this week, but I do have an FO:
Pattern: Garter Yoke Baby Cardi (Ravlink) by Jennifer Hoel
Needles: 3.5mm Addi Clicks
Yarn: Miscellaneous pink acrylic

I loved this knit, so simple and structural and fail safe. Just what I needed to distract me from the afghan that smirks at me from the living room corner. It knows I will be back, and it thinks that's really funny. I'll show it who's boss, oh yes.

Back to the baby pattern, I'd recommend this to anyone for a really quick, easy and cute knit. This could be customised really easily, different colour for the garter yoke, cuffs and waistband, stripes on the body, etc etc. I definitely will make this one again.

I actually gave in to the afghan and started it again last night. The star chart is handy enough, so hopefully it won't do my head in again so soon.

Oh! I almost forgot! In my excitement about the home help and the yummy baby cardi I almost left out stash enhancement! How could I????
I popped down to This Is Knit, met the lovely She Knit Up That Ball who helped me pick out some yum stuff, and got me some goodness.
First up, some Wendy Happy in Sagittarius:
This is for a girly BSJ. I think it's going to be faboo, and it will be the babys star sign! Fate!

Next, we have a skein of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Perrys Primrose:
I love Cotton Fleece. This baby is going to make some more yummy girly baby bibs.

And finally, because sale yarn baskets can talk and plead with you to buy stuff, I got this skein of Araucania Nature Cotton in a lovely orange shade. No idea what to make with it, but it was almost 75% off so a total bargain. Maybe a baby hat?
I'm going to cast on for the BSJ tonight I think, as we're off on a car journey tomorrow to maybe see about buying a little holiday home. Maybe, only maybe so far. And y'know I can't be knitting that afghan in the car!
Happy weekend everyone!


knitting it up said...

Great post! Great news and lovely FO and stash.

I think you should use the orange for... *thinks* ... a cotton coffee pot cosy that you can throw in the wash easily (cos it's cotton)?

Nicola said...

Oh happy day indeed! Those home helps are miracle workers. So great to have that backup in place at last.

Alrischa said...

Wish I could start some knitting in one post and finish it in the next! lol. That's great news about the home help; amazing how just a bit of help makes so much difference!

JoanM said...

Hi Sinead,
Thanks for dropping by my blog. the pattern for the sweetheart sweater is size 2 only. It is also a sweater, though I made it a cardi. The pattern is at It is free, but you have to join the site.
I do love your pretty pink baby cardi.

Tara said...

Fabulous news about your mum. Yay! And I love the sock yarn you chose for the BSJ, the colours are just scrumptious.