Wednesday 26 August 2009


Where to start? I feel like I've loads to tell today.
Let's start with progress shall we?

My second BSJ progresses merrily. This has only been knit occasionally, so I guess I should really ramp it up a bit.

I love how the colours are turning out, this should be yummy.

I've finished the star chart of the Liberty Bell Afghan. Thank God! It's slow but sure progress. I wove in the ends last night whilst watching The Wire.

It's going ok, I think, although I think the star looks a bit unbalanced, to me it's larger on one side than the other...

I'm dreading the next chart, the Eagle:

It's a real doozy, isn't it? I'm pretending it's not there and am going to tackle it one row at a time, a bit like life I suppose!

In bountious news, I was gifted some yum last night at the knitting group:
7 skeins of this gorgeous beast.

I'm almost certain this is Kilcarra Aran Tweed, although it's in skeins rather than balls which is what I would normally see in the shop. It's just faboo. According to Ravelry this is 616 yards, but it does feel like a bit more than that. Now I'm just clueless what to make with it... I want it to be something special as it was gifted, but there's no way I'd get a cardi or jumper for myself out of it. Hubby won't touch it coz it's wool and I doubt my Dad would wear it either. Any ideas?

My next gift was a skein and a half of this:
Sirdar Aran in a lovely pinky purply colour. This will become a lovely Aran cardigan for my friend Ellens impending girl. Yum.

I splashed out the other day and pre-ordered Alice Starmore's new book, Fair Isle Knitting. While I was looking at it, I also grabbed this one which arrived today:
The Celtic Collection.
I am in love. Head over heels. These patterns speak to me, they are so steeped in Irish history and the stories behind their inspiration feels so close to my heritage. The photography is gorgeous too. I can't wait to leaf through it properly and add loads to my queue! I have a feeling I may be going through a bit of a colour phase at the moment, and Fair Isle will be my next challenge.
In personal news, the Occupational Therapist is coming tomorrow to assess Mam & Dads house with a view to getting maybe a bath seat and an extra stair railing to make things a bit easier, so I'm off on a half day to be there too. What a shame she isn't coming on Friday and I could have had a long weekend!
Happy knitting!


knitting it up said...

Ooh the tweed is a mystery, isn't it? The Debbie Bliss chunky version of Kilcarra is in hanks rather than balls - could it be that? Alternatively, could it be a different tweed altogether, an American brand of one maybe (like Classic Elite or someone)?

LOVE the afghan.

Alrischa said...

I love all the OT's I work with; they think of everything Ü Hope it all goes well.

I must make a BSJ some time. They intrigue me because I don't know how they work yet!

Tara said...

I love that book. Have you ever had the opportunity to go through her Aran Knitting book? Be still my heart!

Footheel Sock Knitter said...


I am an avid and crazysoxknitter from Ravelry. I live in North Carolina and have joined your group Irish Knits. I have ancestry in Ireland and Scotland. From the Mcbryde, (McBride) family name from my father's side.

I have enjoyed reading your blog posts.