Wednesday 2 December 2009

Ho Hum

It's been a bit of a ho hum week here.

I'm terribly concerned about the pay cuts that the Governemt are demanding for us Civil Servants and wondering how I'm going to manage next year. Plus it's not very nice reading nasty articles about yourself and the place you work in the press.

This recession is bringing out the worst in the Irish people, turning them against each other. Pretty nasty stuff.

Still, there's always knitting to take my mind off things and realise that there are lovely people around as is proven by my lovely knitty friends.
On to happier things, there's been a little bit of knitting since we last spoke:
I cast on for the string of lights from the Knit Picks Ornament kit.
Basically what you see is the Icord string and where the safety pins are is where the "light bulbs" will be. It's a really fun knit!
I also decided to cast on for something I have wanted to make for ages:
What you see here is the ribbing for a Seamless Yoke Sweater in colourwork by EZ. I'm doing the same pattern as in Newsletter #1 from The Opinionated Knitter, or on the Knitting Around DVD.
I'm mad excited to have started this, I really hope it turns out well!
My colourwork exercises so far have been very tight, almost puckering so I'm really going to have to concentrate on this one.
I've also deliberately cast on for a size that doesn't yet fit so that I might be encouraged to lose a bit of weight and fit into it. We'll see if it works!
Still no sock cast on yet, I think I haven't cast on another one in honour of the lost sock in the glovebox. I still don't have my car back from the garage yet, and I think I'm going to wait until I get it back so that I'll be so happy to see my poor sock that I'll knit like the wind to get it finished and make it up to it!
I never said my thought process was one containing logic.
Happy knitting!


Tara said...

My only foray into colorwork and stranded knitting will be for mittens, but that'll have to wait a while, sadly. Too much gift knitting to get done!

knitting it up said...

Oh wow, a Zimmermann sweater!! I will be watching this in earnest :D

Nicola said...

Hmmm. Is the Glovebox Sock the first or the second sock? Maybe the sock-reunion enthusiasm will get you through finishing one sock and starting the next one. Knitting momentum is a great thing.

PS: I've done that knit-a-size-smaller thing too. Didn't work for me then, but it might work for this lovely item. Sigh.

Alrischa said...

I'm doing that with my "Vivian", too, (if I can use present tense for such a forgotten item). It hasn't worked yet, but I tell myself that's only because I'm 7 months pregnant.

Yep, and the baby's absorbing all the chocolate I'm eating, too! hehe.

del said...

Sorry to hear about your recession. I'm sure you know about ours. It's so sad that people turn on each other instead of coming together when the chips are down.

Both of your projects are looking delightful -- the lights one sounds like a lot of fun!