Monday 7 December 2009

The Cruel Side of Knitting

I'm heartless. Cruel, even.
First I left my poor sock in the cold dark glovebox, where it still resides. Alone, lonely, cold and scared.
Do I care? I thought I did, but apparently I do not, as I cast on another sock on Saturday. Gasp!
I think I may have even said in my last blog post that I would pine for it, and wait for it to be returned to me. I would save myself for it and not cast on any other socks.
Fickle. That's me. Although I am meant to get the socks, I mean car, back tomorrow so hopefully if I spoil the socks they'll forgive me.
Let me explain why I betrayed them. I went to Galway for the night on Saturday to see my friend who lives there. We're friends since school and we hadn't seen each other for ages so I was excited to go. I got the train there and back and it's a journey of approx 2 1/2 hours each way so what else could I do? I could hardly bring the sweater with me, or the Christmas lights so I really was left with no choice. It was socks or be bereft of a project in a prime knitting situation. I couldn't do it.
These are the socks I cast on:

Cauchy Socks from Cookie A's fantastic Sock Innovation book.
These are for hubby as he loves maths and these are kind of based on the mathematical symbol for inequality: <>. I'm knitting them with Sirdar Pure Cotton 4ply as he remains a wool hater. I think he's faking it though as he hasn't taken off the 50% wool Noro scarf and professes his lurve for it all the time. I cast on 70 sts instead of the 60 the pattern calls for so it will fit his manly hairy legs. Hopefully it's not too many!

So, dear abandoned sock, am I forgiven? I'll make it up to you tomorrow, I promise. I'll bring you to the knitting group tomorrow and pet you a lot.

In Seamless Colourwork Yoke Sweater news, there has been progress on the body of the sweater, but not a lot to look at.

Kinda boring looking, isn't it? What can I say - it's grey, 3 inches of ribbing and the rest stocking stitch. That's about as wild as it gets. Perfect tv knitting though!

No progress on the Christmas lights garland, I need to buy some stuffing for the ornaments. I thought I had an old pillow lying around that I was using the inside of for stuffing, but it appears hubby must have had a sly clean up and disposed of it whilst laughing demonically. (I'm guessing about the laughing, but it's not too far of a stretch, believe me.)

Oh! I almost forgot. I'll give you all a laugh. At the end of last week I got a phone call from the guy in the library who looks after the meeting rooms where we meet every week. He gave me the number of a journalist who wanted to write an article about knitting for a local paper. Yay! I thought, some publicity for our fine craft.
I finally got the journalist on the phone today. She told me she would ring me back on Wednesday for the interview, but that she was writing an article to publish next week on saving money for Christmas by making your own Christmas presents, and that knitting would fit it, wouldn't it?
That was my response. Save money? Have you seen my stash in the spare room wardrobe? Have you any idea how much I've spent??
Oh, and publishing the article next week? How long do you think it takes to knit a pair of socks in time for Christmas?
I wonder will she ring me back now. Probably not. Oops. I did invite her to the group tomorrow night, but I doubt she'll come...

So that's it! I can't believe it's almost a week since I last posted, time sure is flying faster towards Christmas, and not a present bought for anyone or a card written!

Good knitting!


knitting it up said...

I think you should trademark the phrase "prime knitting situation".

Tara said...

I love the idea of a husband who performs sly clean ups. He deserves the cotton, don't you think? :)

dmaxi said...

Great post! So much to say to you now:
1. The venerable Ms. Zimmermann recommends innoculating wool-haters by administering wool in small doses, doesn't she. As usual her method seems to be working.

2. It will be very interesting if that journalist phones back and comes to visit. I Love this perception that we're frugal and that it all takes no time what-so-ever.

3. You can make it up to your sock by writing a haiku commemorating its adventures, oven on my blog (subtle plug, not). And you could win a prize too. Go on, you know you want to...

Bionic Laura said...

Funny post. The poor lost sock, I hope you are reunited soon.

These people who think knitting beats the recession have obviously never heard of Wollmeise. Just cos gloves cost a euro in Penneys does not mean it costs that to make them.