Friday 26 February 2010

Olympics Complete

So I noticed that I called my last post Super Tuesday. Yeah, that was a big mistake, as it was Monday when I posted it. Duh. I've no defence for that one, other than it was Monday and I don't function on a Monday.

Anyway, my Ravelympics are over. I've just finished my last item, my Baby Bog Jacket.
This is the front:

The back:

And a close up of the cutsie buttons:

Pattern: Baby Bog Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann, from Knitting Around.
Yarn: Patons Baby Fab from stash
Needles: 4mm
I misplaced the stripe and it ended up on the back, but I think it still looks ok.
Also the Icord along the front drove me NUTS. It must have taken me about 6 goes to get it looking right. I'll admit the sweater was thrown to the corner of the room amidst much swearing this afternoon at one stage. But, tantrums aside, I managed to finish it.
I'm not claiming this was anywhere near my best project, it's far from perfect, but I learnt a lot while making it. Although I was so thankful for the DVD of Knitting Around. I must have watched the Baby Bog episode at least 7 or 8 times at various points in the project. Thanks, Meg for being such a good teacher!

It has bagged me another 3 medals; Sweaterboard Cross, Junior Olympics and Compulsory Stash Dance. That brings my haul for these games to 6. Not too bad, I think!

I wonder could I whip up anything else between now and 8am Monday morning Irish time, when the Olympics finish???
Nah I don't think so. I have a hot date with my Bex socks and my Myrtle Leaf Lace Shawl.

See you again in 2 more years, Ravelympics.


Alrischa said...

Woo hoo! 6 medals is a pretty good effort, and you're early, too. Time for one more thing? hehe! I don't know if I'll get mine quite done, but I'm having fun making people think I'm crazy ;)

Lien said...

Totally jealous of your Olympic medals- I'm still working on my sole Olympics project, but I've given up all hope of finishing in time.

That baby jacket is cute, though- it would actually be a good shape for adults, too.

WorstedKnitt said...

Well done! That jacket is adorable, and that shape is really in fashion now it seems.