Monday 22 February 2010

Super Tuesday

Today is definitely a Super Tuesday. I arrived home from work to a bountious mailbox!

My first parcel was the Winter Vogue (Designer) Knitting issue. I haven't read it yet, it awaits a cup of tea.
BTW, what is it with the different name here? Surely Vogue Knitting would be a better brand name than Designer Knitting?

Then I opened the second parcel. My stitch markers from ScaryMerry!
Packaged in a lovely sparkly box:

And then the goodies inside!
The excitement! I squeed, I'll tell you.
Cutie patootie sheepies:

Don't you just love the little rebel black one? I'm calling him Baaart!

And my daughters favourite (no suprise here) Hello...Bad Kitty:

Aren't they just the best stitch markers EVER? I'm totally in love with them.
And surrounded by sparkly bits, one of which was a shamrock. So appropriate.
They are going on my Baby Bog jacket immediately.
Speaking of Baby Bog, I gave in and abandoned the Myrtle Leaf Shawl for the Ravelympics and cast on the Baby Bog.
I'm halfway through:
I know, it looks like nothing at all. That's the beauty of EZ. One or two folds and it will morph into a baby jacket. I'm going to icord a red border onto it, and maybe stick in a red stripe just below the shoulder. It's for a boy, so that should be nice, right?
So Ravelympics continues, we have until Sunday to finish. How are your projects coming along?
Oh, I almost forgot, I wore my Norwegian Snail Mittens this morning, it was FREEZING, and my hands were as snug as a bug in, well, a pair of scrummy Alpaca mittens. :)


Bionic Laura said...

That's a post box full of win! Those stitch markers are awesome. So cute!

WorstedKnitt said...

So cute!

I'm struggling with my Ravelympics shawl - its coming along nicely but there's just so little time and so many rows..!!

kelgell said...

I couldn't help but exclaim out loud at the cuteness of those sheep. So cute. The baby jacket sounds great and the colours sound like an excellent choice for a boy.

Tara said...

Those stitch markers are adorable!!! And they've blocked the word "0lympics" here at work, so I can't comment on 2 of your recent posts. But I read them! Congrats!