Sunday 9 May 2010

Huzzah & Hurrah

So Dad is out of Intensive Care & onto a ward since this morning. The doctors think he will be home on Wed or Thurs if I can be there for him for a week to do everything for him. Woohoo!

He's such a fighter, I can't believe it. Apparently the operation went better than expected & the doctors are really pleased with him.
I'm so proud of him, he's an amazing man for 87. It's been really hard minding my Mam, but if he comes home ok, it will be really worth it.
So, happy news over, his brilliant news has spurred me on. I finished his first sock this morning:

It looks ok, I think. Although I was a bit nervous when it fit my sock blocker. I thought it was going to be too small! I tried it on & it fits my foot. We take the same shoe size & his foot is slimmer than mine so I know it'll be ok.
I have to step on the gas so I can get the second one done in time for his discharge. Do you think I can do it? The pressure is on.
Good knitting!


Nicola said...

That's really great. I'm so delighted.

Anonymous said...

Great news!!! And yes, I think you can finish the 2nd sock in time.

Averil said...

That´s great news Sinéad! And to knit one sock in a couple of days isn´t even a challenge for you at this stage! Me on the other hand.. Knit on!

Tara said...

Hope you finished it in time! What a great welcome home present :)