Sunday 2 May 2010

Time Management

So much for progress. As you can see, the socks are not exactly flying along...

I'm actually a bit unsure of the pattern, I don't know if it's showing up too well in the yarn. I shall plough on though. Dad saw them yesterday and declared himself very pleased with the colour & pattern, so that's a win-win.
I've done one more repeat on my Summit Shawl, but it's not worth posting a picture. it just looks the same as last time!
I've been thinking about what I currently have on the go:
  • Myrtle Leaf Shawl
  • Summit Shawl
  • Seamless Colourwork Yoke Sweater
  • Sailors Ribbing Socks
  • OMG I just remembered the Christmas ornament kit from last year (*shame*)
And things I want to make:
  • Baby Bibs
  • Socks for Alice
  • BSJ (again)
  • Other baby type stuff
  • Afghan for me
  • Socks for me
I've been feeling really guilty about my Myrtle Leaf shawl. I haven't touched that sucker in quite a while now & I'd love to finish it.
How do you guys divide your time over multiple projects? Do you knit a bit on each one? Or do you have a "project du jour" where you work on one project today, another project tomorrow etc.
I'm finding it hard to spread my time over them all. I think I'm better as a one-project woman. I feel like I get more things done that way. I think that once I catch up on what I currently have on the needles that I may try going back to one wip at a time.
Yeah, I don't hold out much hope for myself either, but a gal's gotta try!
Oh! I almost forgot add, congratulations to Little.Yellow.Different.Better for her pattern, the Persephone Shell in the Summer IK! Well done!


kelgell said...

He he. Knitting dilemmas. I just work on whatever I feel like doing at the time. I generally don't allow myself too many on the go. And sometimes I get to the point where I just want to get one done so I'll work hard on that one to finish it off. I just go with the flow. Unless I've got a specific time limit like the afghan for a present.

Alrischa said...

I work on whatever I feel like on the day. Don't have enough spare time to hate what I'm knitting ;)

Plus, I cast on as many projects as I want! lol. I came across someone in Rav once who had about 25 WIPs listed (though she told me she had heaps more unlisted), and I think that's a good attitude!! Cast On!

WorstedKnitt said...

Agree with Alrischa, it's your hobby - if you don't fancy knitting on something one day, leave it. It's only when the WIPs and UFOs start to feel like clutter that you need to worry.

Lien said...

Thanks, Sinead!

I'm going to knit myself one, I think, with slightly less boobage coverage, and maybe teeny sleeves...I'm thinking about working up directions for sleeves and offering it on my website.

Bionic Laura said...

I'm a one or two wip at a time knitter. I don't know if I actually get more done that way though. If I get bored of a WIP I just don't knit. If I had a few WIPs on the go I might knit another of them and get that done.
I think the socks are coming along really well. It's lovely that your Dad likes them.

Anonymous said...

Ha, look at that cute stitch marker!

I'm the last one to advise about how to work WIPs as I have a pile to go through right now. I'm slowly working my way through the stack, too.

Tara said...

I agree, I get antsy when I spread myself too thin with too many projects. However, it IS your knitting and YOUR time, so I say knit on whatever you feel like knitting at any particular time and enjoy it. You don't need any added stress from your hobbies.