Wednesday 29 September 2010

Flying Along

Well the charity knitting is going great. I've done two of the ballband dishcloths so far, and am casting on the third now:

Aren't they gorgeous? So simple, yet effective.
I'm using Peaches & Cream cotton yarn (white) and Zettl Colorado from Lidl (orange).
Dirt cheap. I adore this pattern, it's so simple it's ridiculous!
I'm going to do one more of these and then switch yarns & try another cloth pattern. I think they'll be lovely packaged with a nice bar of soap as an item for the charity craft fair.
In other news, I forgot to blog about this last time, how could I have forgotten!
I was in TIK last week to buy some Knit Picks circular cords and a set of needle tips. The lovely ladies there gave me a pressie:

Some of the yarn samples from their recent yarn tasting event! I couldn't make it as it was the day Dad had his operation. (He's doing great, btw)
I was so touched that they thought of me and kept me some samples. I had to leave the shop quickly, I was welling up. How nice is that? Knitters rule, they really do.
Now down to identification! I know the bottom right is Louisa Harding Sari Ribbon. I also know one of them is Louisa Harding Rossetti, but which one? I'm afraid I was so taken by surprise that I didn't take it all in when I was told what they are.
So I have to think of something to make with them that will remind me of knitters kindness.
Good knitting!


Averil said...

Aaah that's lovely. Yay TIK and Yay knitters!

I haven't even started the charity knitting :-( Though I do have plans. Mittens are my new thing!

spinndiva said...

Squeek! I like those dishcloths! The colour makes me smile! :) Way to go!

Knitrageous said...

Love Ballband dishcloths! One of my favorites. For your 'prize' yarn, how about a chunky scarf, knitted lengthwise? You could mix up the yarns and leave ends for fringe. Bet it would be pretty!

Nicola said...

Yup! Knitters Rule alright. No question.

Tara said...

Those dishcloths are really cute! It looks as though you're really enjoying the charity knitting :) Way to go!

Bionic Laura said...

Those dishcloths are so bright and cheery.

Anonymous said...

My daughter (16 yrs.) is knitting a ball band right now. Pink and white.