Sunday 5 September 2010

Ever Increasing Circles

My Pi Shawl progresses. I'm on to the last pattern repeat, 576 stitches. It's a behemoth now, each round takes forever:

It's really hard to photograph it, as it's all bunched up on the circular needles.
I think you get the idea of the pattern here:
As with almost all projects, I've run into a snag. This is all the yarn I have left in this colour:

Nowhere near enough. I do have 3 wheels in red & I was planning on doing the border in that colour, but I don't even think I've enough for the last repeat.
Now I guess I've two options:
1. Knit until I run out & then start the edging
2. Knit until I run out & continue in red to the end of the pattern repeat & then do the edging.
2. Order another wheel from The Yarn Room. It's only €5.95 and postage is free.
I have to admit, I'm loath to buy another wheel. I'm really trying to not spend any more on yarn before my holidays (more on that later on). I know it's only €5.95, but it's the principle.
I think I'll settle for No. 1 and knit until I run out. No. 2 would most likely look rubbish.
If I'd planned it better, I suppose I could have alternated the colours between repeats, but hey, that's foresight & good planning, two things that I am not known for!

In other news, Alice & I went to Inspiring Ideas yesterday for a card making demo. We came away inspired (pardon the pun) and €45 poorer. Sheesh. I just can't seem to help myself.
Anyway, when we got home, we got creating again:

Not too shabby I think. I guess we should count up our cards and see how many we've made. I think we've probably got enough now. Which would be bad, as we've tons more Christmas stuff left!

In holiday news, I'm delighted to report we got the house in Florida! Woop! Once I knew for sure what was happening we booked our hotels.

Our plan so far:
Oct 23 arrive in Atlanta, stay the night.
Oct 24 drive to New Orleans (7 1/2 hrs).
Oct 25 & 26 Stay in New Orleans.
Oct 27 Drive to Orlando (10 1/2 hrs). This may get broken up with an overnight stay, or we may split the drive half each. I'm inclined to the latter, as I want to get to Orlando as quickly as possible!
Oct 28 - Nov 4 Stay in Orlando
Nov 4 Drive to Atlanta (7 1/2 hrs)
Nov 4 - 6 Stay in Atlanta & fly home :(

I cannot wait! Plus, as soon as I knew we were going to Orlando again, I rang Disney & managed to get tickets to the Magic Kingdom for Hallowe'en night! Yay! My favourite place to go for Hallowe'en. I'm so effing excited. I can't wait to head back to see Doni in Sip and Knit, Knit! in Longwood & The Black Sheep. Not forgetting an interesngly sized Knit Picks order! :) Plus, I hope to find some yarn in New Orleans & maybe Atlanta. Yipee!

Good knitting!


Nicola said...

Wow your holiday plans sound fantastic! Jealous (1000).

On the Pi Shawl, (it's lovely BTW) I have more options for you. How about alternating 2 rows of each colour until you run out of the lighter one and then finish with a wider band of the red.

Or graduate from a single row of each colour for a few rounds to a double row of each and from there knit wider and wider bands of the red for a while i.e 3 rounds then 4 etc. I don't know how many rounds you are away from finishing, but some combination of colour rounds before the edging would be lovely I think.

Esp 'cos I love grey and red together. See the Sister Coat for the reasons why.

Jagienka said...

Ditto on what Nicola said about the colour alternations. But will you have enough of the other colours to finish the shawl?
It's going to be gorgeous, it already is. Love that unspun yarn ;)

Tara said...

Excellent vacation plans! I'm hoping to get to the UK next year (wouldn't that be Awesome???). As for the yarn, I'd suck it up and buy another wheel. It's cheap, and you need it for a WIP (as opposed to stash enhancement).

Worsted Knitt said...

I'm loving your holiday plans! Not sure what to do with the shawl though... I hope you find the best solution for you!